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Learning and memory assay in native Drosophila melanogaster

Prashi Soumya, Kumari Sushmita, Vandana Kumari and Shahla Yasmin

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1 – 5

Study of molluscan diversity in managed and unmanaged ponds of Patna.

Deepti Garima, Mridul Madhuri, Akansha Priya and Shahla Yasmin

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6 – 8

Study of zooplankton diversity in managed and unmanaged ponds of Patna.

Shalini Kumari, Vinnie Sharon, Khushboo Rani and Shahla Yasmin

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9 – 14

Treatment of Wastewater of Domestic and Dairy industry using various Eco-friendly methods.

Bharti Kumari, Nutan Jyoti Hassa, Shilpi Sitara Toppo and Sister M. Stuti A.C.

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15 – 19

Study of termite activity on physico-chemical properties of mound soil and plant growth.

Roseleena Minz, Sunita Kumari and Shobha Shrivastava

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20 – 23

Some remedial measures to offset the problems created due to drinking of arsenic laden water in Haldichappra, Maner.

Shweta Maurya, Ruchi Verma, Puja Kumari and Reshma Sinha

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24 – 29

Comparative assessment of chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis of agricultural and domestic wastes using individual and consortium of lignocelluloses degrading bacterial strains.

Tripti Kumari, Sonali, Purnima and Pinky Prasad

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30 – 38

The role of cellulose degrading microorganism in organic waste degradation used singly and in consortium.

Mahi Muskan, Sobiya Neyaz, Aditi Singh and Jaya Philip

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39 – 45

Isolation and characterization of microorganisms on public utility devices.

Sneh Lata Singh, Sonsy, Divya Kumari and Sonal Suman

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46 – 52

Antifungal analysis of leaves extract of Ziziphus, Carica and Punica species against phytopathogenic fungi Fusarium and Curvularia species.

Rabia Anjum, Fatima Anjum, Anjana and Priyaragini

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53 – 58

Physico-chemical analysis and bacteriology of Ganges water collected from different sites.

Niharika, Reetu Singh, Deeba Talat and Priyaragini

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59 – 65

Studies on the effect of microwave radiation on nutritional properties of some common vegetable oils.

Kritika Kumari, Priyanka Kumari and Urvashi Sinha

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66 – 73

Evaluation of certain agricultural wastes and by-product for mass multiplication of fungal biocontrol agent Trichoderma harzianum.

Faizia Karim, Parul and Isha Gaurav

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74 – 78

Application of linear programming model in small scale industry with a particular reference to product mix industry in Patna.

Maria Samreen, Alvia Naaz, Akanksha and Moon

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79 – 82

Implementation of queuing model of operation research in an ATM service counter located in Boring Canal Road, Patna.

Ishika Dudwewala, Zeba Imam, Khushboo Kumari and Moon

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83 – 85

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