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Tech-Fest plays an important role in the college curriculum. It is one such event where young brains get to showcase their skills and compete with others to find the best. It is not just about the competitions but also an event where a lot of those new ideas are seen live and learn more and be inspired.

The MCA department, Patna Women’s College is going to organize three days STEM (Tech-Fest) on 26th, 27th & 28th September, 2019. Tech-Fest plays an important role in the college curriculum, such events where students can showcase their technical skills. The event has three different categories in which students can participate in.

  1. Poster Presentation (26th September)
  2. Coding Competition (27th September)
  3. Website/Mobile Application Designing Competition (28th September)

Poster Presentation (26th September, 2019, Time: 10:30 AM)

Poster Presentation is something which hones the creative skills of a student. The competition involves presentation of research work in the form of poster.

1. Theme for Poster Presentation – Emerging Trends & Technologies in ICT

  • Big data analytics
  • Block chain Management
  • Virtual Reality
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines
  • Any topic related to the main theme

Rules for poster presentation

  • The title of the Poster Presentation is important
  • Layout and format are critical
  • Content is important, but keep it concise
  • Posters should have your personality
  • Maximum two students can participate in a group
  • Each group will get maximum of 10 minutes to present their work
  • Do not mention your name and other details on the poster

2. Coding Competition (27th September, 2019, Time: 10:30 AM)


  • Programming Language is C.
  • Individual Participation
  • Student can bring their own laptop

There will be three rounds

  1. Debug Round – Participants will get 30 minutes to debug 20 problems manually
  2. Choose Your Challenge Round – Participants will get 60 minutes to solve maximum number of problems picked from lucky draw. In case of tie, winner will be judged according to the minimum execution time.
  3. Final Round – Master of Coding – Same problem will be given to all the participants to solve in minimum time.

3. Web/Mobile App Design Contest (28th September, 2019, Time: 10:30 AM)

The Web Design Contest is about empowering the creative, technically proficient & future business-savvy Web professionals. Students can make website and can present in the front of everyone.

Rules for Web Design

Rule 1: Simple is beautiful.

Cramming too much into each page creates confusion. Visitors get frustrated when they have to scan through rows of links and images to find what they are looking for. By keeping your pages simple, your website will be easier to use.

Rule 2: Make your website responsive.

People will access your website using a wide variety of devices – from smartphones to desktop computers. Therefore, it is important that your website displays correctly on different screen sizes. CSS media queries are a great way to implement responsive web design.

Rule 3: Develop for multiple browsers.

Browsers are supposed to render webpages the same way, but they don’t. Therefore, make sure to check your website in multiple browsers to make sure everything appears correctly. It is best to catch problems ahead of time instead of relying on complaints from your visitors.

Rule 4: Write your own code.

Whether it’s HTML or PHP, nothing beats writing your code from scratch. If you build your site from templates and pre-written scripts, you will be clueless when something goes wrong. When you code your own pages, you have full control over how they look and act.

Rule 5: Navigation should be intuitive.

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to find what you want on a website. Pages should be well-organized with a top-down design so that visitors can easily browse through the different sections of your site.


Poster Presentation:

Coding Competition :

Web/Mobile App Design Contest: