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Highlights of the Department

  • We aim to make the student’s worthy citizens and better human beings by letting them acquire deeper knowledge of the past, energetic living of the present and looking forward to sustainable hope.
  • Seminars, Projects, Quiz Programmes, field trips, educational trips, cultural activities, personality classes with films.
  • Regular terminal examinations, as well as weekly class examinations.
  • Counseling, conducting prayer, celebration of special festivals, National Days etc.
  • CPE Minor Projects, class projects on various topics like empowerment of women and other Social issues.


Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Sister Celine Cresta,A.C.(HOD)
M.A. Ph.D
Medieval India

Basic Information

Ms. Shreya Singh
Master’s in Arts(History) Specialisation in Modern Indian History

Basic Information

Ms. Priyanka
M.A., R.Sch.
Modern India

Basic Information

Ms. Ratna Priyadharshini
M.A., R.Sch.
South India

Basic Information

Dr. Divya Kumar
Modern India

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