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Principal’s Voice

Principal's message for the outgoing batch 2023

A vast panorama unfolds itself as one looks back at the 3 fruitful years spent in this glorious Institution. Scenes might flash by in kaleidoscopic colorfulness as memories flood in and overwhelming sense of achievement overrides all other emotions. The years spent stretches out as a long expanse, dotted with myriad activities, both academic and extracurricular. It seems just a few days ago that the white portals had beckoned the apprehensive faces and shy smiles. Since then new potentials and personalities have merged. With a new self-confidence, a deeper sense of values and a widening awareness, mature and confident women are now ready to step into the world. You are now ready to undertake a voyage. You need to hold your heads high and venture forth boldly.


You are like the captain of the ship as you leave the secure portals of this college and launch out into the uncertainties of the present century, with many plans for the future. In the coming years you will be facing many challenges and uncertainties…an unjust social order with its eroding values, the unfriendly politics, ecological imbalances threatening the existence of Mother Earth, increasing population with problems of illiteracy and gender bias, the threats of terrorism on the one hand and the progress of science and technology, the effect of globalization on our economy, empowerment of Women and equitable and sustainable development on the other. In this ever changing scenario you will have to hold firm to your core values – faith in God, Moral uprightness, honesty, love and forgiveness towards all, social responsibility, empowerment of the marginalized, respect for life and creation, pursuit of excellence and promotion of peace, harmony and brotherhood.


The compass which will give direction to the ship of your life is the knowledge you have acquired. The anchor you can use to keep the ship firm, especially in times of crisis is the tool of prayer. The fuel that provides the power or energy to move ahead is your deep and unshakable trust in God coupled with self confidence and courage. The values you have imbibed all these years will provide nourishment for the journey and help you to keep your eyes fixed on your destination. Then you can truly say ‘I have learnt to be content whatever my state. I can face life whether I have plenty or little, because I have discovered the secret if inner contentment, I can do everything in the power of God who makes me strong’ (cf. Phil 4:11) May you pilot your ship successfully to its destination and be a source of inspiration and strength to those who voyage along with you on the sea of life and look to you for help.


College life is a discovery. Time has now opened the portals for departure. However, the farewell will be from time and place not from memories and thoughts. The inherent part of these days has been the synchronization of ‘I’, ‘You’ and ‘We’ and here is a wish expressed: that it may lead on to higher aims, aspirations an d fulfilments.


Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C.
Patna Women’s College
Patna University