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Political Science

Highlights of the Department

    • The faculty members are constantly engaged in extension services, presenting papers, publishing articles, projects, and authoring books.
    • One of the students of this department is now a judge of Jaipur High Court (Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra)
    • Department organizes Seminar, Conference & Symposium on a regular basis on current issues like Human Rights, Women’s Studies, Environment etc.
    • Department runs two add-on courses in Human Rights and Value education and Women’s Studies.
    • The Department of Political Science is one of the star departments of the College.


The students of the department of political science celebrated human rights day by forming a human chain outside the college gate.

Department of . Political. Science organised a Parent Teacher Meet on 27th November 2019 with B. A. 3 in Carmel hall at 10.am.

Students of the department of political science participated in the discussion on constitution and panchayati raj organised by cnlu on the eve of constitution day.

A guest lecture was organised by the department of political science in room number 101 for b a 1 and b a 3 on 21.10.19. Lecture was delivered by professor Dr. S P singh Dean of social sciences and humanities.

Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Dr. Prabha Kumar
M.A, Ph.D
Public Administration,Comparative Government

Basic Information

Dr. Vinita Priyedarshi
M.A, Ph.D
Constitution and International Relations

Basic Information

Ms. Fiza Darakshan
Political Theory & Public Administration

Basic Information

Ms. Garima Das
M.phil, Pursuing Ph.D

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