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Highlights of the Department

  • The Department imparts P.G. and UG of Geography based on CBCS syllabus.
  • The students of the department excel in University Examination every year with 100% result and top ranks.
  • Teaching-learning process is up to date in the department with regular use of Smartboards, ICT aids, and other teaching aids.
  • The Department has a well-furnished laboratory and a departmental library.
  • On regular basis the students participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as seminar, quiz, poster making, debate, power point presentation, exhibition, study tour etc.
  • Final year students take up research projects every year on relevant socio-economic issues.
  • National Seminars and Workshops are organized on regular basis on contemporary themes.
  • Department runs a Credit base Add- On Certificate course on ‘Travel and Tourism Management’.
  • The teachers of the department have undertaken ‘Research Project’ and they keep themselves updated by attending National/ International Seminars and publishing research articles in reputed journals.
  • The Department has undertaken an outreach programme ‘Manthan’ under which the students of the department, accompanied by a faculty member provide remedial coaching to the under-privileged school students at ‘Manthan’  NGO, Khagaul every Saturday.
  • The alumni of the department are well placed in various capacities such as Civil Services, lectureship, banking, and corporate sector. Some of the well-placed alumni are: Madhu Malti Ghosh, IAS, Ms. Nilima  Kumari , IAS, Ms. Sheela Irani, Bihar Police Service, Ms. Divya, IAS, Prof. Ravi Kiran Sharma, Prof. in Geography, P.U., Ms. Swarnim Sinha, Urban Planner, California, Vihag Guru, Vice President, Yes Bank Ltd.


Celebration of ‘World Ozone Day’ on 16th September 2019 by M.A. 1st Semester students of Geography – Beautification of terrace garden by using waste materials.

The occasion of World Ozone Day a Debate Competition was held in the Department of Geography B.A. III Years Hons. students on the topic ‘Development should not be at the cost of Environment’ On 16.09.2019.

Elocution Competition on ‘Patriotism’ organised at Deptt. of Geography on 16.08.19. The students of B.A. I Geography Hons. (Sem. I) participated in the programme.

Poster competition on the topics ’73 years of Freedom’ and ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ on 14th August 2019.

Two-day exhibition on the focal theme ‘Our Dynamic Earth’ – 29.03.2019.

A two-day exhibition on the focal theme ‘Our Dynamic Earth’ began in the Department of Geography, Patna Women’s College on 29.03.2019. The Students of Geography put various models in the exhibition depicting the land features of the earth and their dynamic nature. Some important models were on the topics like Interior of the Earth, Plate Tectonics Folding and Faulting, Course of a river, Glacial topography, Arid topography, etc. The students also displayed charts and posters on the concerned topics. The main purpose of the exhibition was to make the students more aware of and acquainted with the geography of earth and its dynamism. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Sister M Rashmi A.C., Principal, Patna Women’s College and was organized under the supervision of Dr. Debjani Sarkar Ghose and Dr. Amrita Chowdhury, faculty members of the Department of Geography

Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Dr. Debjani Sarkar Ghose(HOD)
M.A, JRF, Ph.D
Demography, Settlement Geography

Basic Information

Dr. Amrita Chowdhury
M.A, Ph.D,

Basic Information

Sister Anna A.C
M.A. Gold medalist
Urban, Political & Population Geography

Basic Information

Ms. Prerna Bharti
Urban, Political & Population Geography

Basic Information

B.Ed. M.A. in Geography

Basic Information

Meenakshi Mishra
UGC-NET, M.Tech, M.A.

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Neha Singh

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