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Communicative English and Media Studies

Highlights of the Department

  • Film & Music appreciation & creative writing classes.
  • Exposure visit to various Media Houses.
  • Creative Bulletin Board assignments.
  • Annual Media Workshop, Exhibition, Quiz.
  • Annual Study tour to media-related organizations.
  • Hands-on training in photography, video production & radio production.
  • Theater Workshop – Drama








Alumni Meet 2023

Anti-Ragging Report CEMS -2023

Freshers Day for the batch 2023-27

On the job training Skills

workshop on script writing in drama on May 04, 2023

A Value Education Class 24th April 2023




Celebrating the two-day International Women’s Day Festival, ‘Ojaswini 2.0’ organized by Patna Women’s College, The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies participated in the Poster Making competition on 16 March, 2023.
Following the theme of ‘Women and Glass Ceiling’, the students of all semesters enthusiastically decorated their individual posters to honour every woman breaking the societal barriers to unleash her full potential.
The experience of representing their artistic skills in the pride of their womanhood reminded the young women of their strength and capabilities.
After the completion of the posters, Dr. Tauseef Hassan, Head of the Department along with Ms. Runa, faculty of the department chose the three best posters to be displayed on Women’s Day Celebration.

Debate competition

World Poetry Day


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On Saturday, the Department of Communicative English & Media Studies at Patna Women’s College organised a media workshop for the students of Semester 4 and 6 on  the topic ” Language of Cinema and Satyajit Ray”.

Dr. Tauseef Hassan, head of the Department of CEMS Welcomed the guest speaker with a token of appreciation.

The Guest Speaker, Prashant Ranjan, coordinator of Patliputra Cine society and Faculty of Mass communication, Patna University delivered an insightful session on “Artistic and technical aspects of Cinema as a language of expression”

The workshop began with an overview of the basic elements of film Language. It also explored various aspects of Satyajit Ray’s movies and the influence of Italian Neo-Realism on his work. Overall the media workshop was a valuable learning experience that provided students with a deeper understanding of the art and craft of filmmaking. The session took place under the supervision of Dr. Tauseef Hassan,  Ms. Runa and  Mr. Prashant Ravi


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies of Patna Women’s College organized a guest lecture for the students of 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters of the department on ‘Photography as a Career for Women’ on Monday, 10th March 2023.
The Guest Speaker, Ms. Riya Sinha, who is an Alumnae of the Department of Geography, Patna Women’s College, is a product photographer, designer, and social media manager. She shoots for big brands like Mongini’s Bihar and Cafe Hideout.
‘This field has a lot to offer, but it’s you who has to come up with the potential and creativity’ is what she said. She discussed the various perks and challenges in this field.
Towards the end, Dr. Tauseef Hassan, Head of the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies, presented a token of love to the guest speaker and concluded by saying,’You have to give your best and you will get your best’. Faculty members, Ms. Runa, Amitabh Ranjan, and Prashant Ravi were also present.


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a value education class on February 21st, 2023 for the students of, Semester 2 and Semester 6. Dr. Tauseef Hassan and Ms. Runa were the facilitators. The topic of the video was Beggary:- A choice for people.
The video begins with a handicapped fruit seller aiding a beggar in need of food. After receiving aid from the handicapper, the beggar realised that begging was not his only option, as he had previously believed. Later on, the beggar begins to work errands to earn money. The video concludes with the beggar handing over his hard- earned cash to the handicapped fruit seller. This video is about people becoming addicted to beggary and spiralling into a vicious cycle as a result of it.


Study tours being most practical way of learning for which the students of Semester VI of the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies went to Vaishali on February 17th, 2023. They were accompanied by Dr. Tauseef Hassan, Ms. Runa and Mr. Prashant Ravi.

The excursion was a part of the course for the paper ‘Photo Journalism’. The students were taught various techniques of photography by Mr. Prashant inside ‘Vishwa Shanti Stupa’ and ‘Ruins of the Fort of Lichhavi King Vishal’ in Vaishali.

As it’s a skill based course, the center of focus was artistic and technical skills of photography. It was taught that the subject is the same but treatment or perspective of that subject can be completely different which grooms our communication skills too. Not only through DSLR but through our mobile phones too the elements of a photo can be adjusted like controlling light through ISO, shutter speed, changing temperature and white balance to enhance the pictures. The creativity in photos captured with unique perspectives made the tour productive.


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies conducted a PowerPoint Presentation on 7th February and 8th February, 2023 for Semester 4 on Film Studies, facilitated by Ms. Ankita.

The Presentation dealt with six groups on various directors and filmmakers. Each group consisted three members.


They presented about the early life and the agonizing dark comedy blend he introduced in the silent as well as sound movies. Taking up on controversial topics such as Nazism in “The Great Dictator”, he raised the bar of cinematic intellect in the black and white era.


The groups presented about the contributions of both the directors in cinema respectively. Méliès, the french illusionist who improvised special effects to the cinema and Griffith, known as the ” Father of Cinema” who set a landmark of American motion-picture history.


Presenting on the ‘King of Comedy’, Mack Sennett, the first film maker to specialize in creating full-length comedies, the groups talked about the phenomenal collaborative works of Chaplin and Mack Sennett.

Questions were asked based on each presentation. The main objective of the groups was to learn about the evolution of cinema from pictures to videography, the inclusion of story boards and visual effects and how real life experiences inspired the reels works of these filmmakers.


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a Quiz Competition on February 8, 2023, for the students of Semester VI. Dr. Tauseef Hassan and Ms. Runa were the facilitators, respectively.
There were 60 questions from different sections which included current affairs, general awareness, journalism jargon, vocabulary test, folk media and Human Rights. The students got 30 seconds to answer each question. Students of semester IV and II were also present as audience. It proved to be a very interesting and enlightening session for all.


Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a workshop on Research Methodology on 23rd January, 2023. The resource person for the day was Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh, faculty A. N. College, Patliputra University. The session was designed to give the students of second and third year a thorough understanding of what research is and how to proceed with it. Topics like Research Design and Format were covered in great detail. As the students have dissertation as a paper and are preparing to make a career in media, it was an insightful session for them. Dr. Singh also threw light upon the APA style of bibliographies and webliographies. Tools of data collection and methods of data analysis were also discussed. Overall, the discussion was enlightening and offered a lot to learn from. The workshop concluded with a brief question-answer session.


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a thorough language lab session for the students of the Department of Education. Ms. Runa was the facilitator for the three-day interactive session, held from January 12 to January 14, 2023.


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a Book review club on February 02, 2023, for the students of Semester VI where Dr. Tauseef Hassan facilitated the club. The book reviewed was Alice Walker’s epistolary novel and winner of 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award for Fiction, ‘The Color Purple’, 1982. The Color Purple documents the traumas and gradual triumph of Celie, an African American teenager raised in rural isolation in Georgia, as she comes to resist the paralyzing self-concept forced on her by others. Celie narrates her life through painfully honest letters to God.
The students discussed and critically analysed the themes, story and characters of the novel and the impact it made on the society in the 1980s and how it is still relevant for the upliftment of women in today’s world. The themes discussed included topics like personal growth, endurance, love, fight and belief.


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a value education class on December 19th, 2022 for the students of, Semester 4 and Semester 6. Dr. Tauseef Hassan and Ms. Runa were the facilitators. A movie ‘Angela’s Christmas Wish’ was shown to the students’. The film demonstrated the value of family, love, feeling of contentment.
Angela’s Christmas Wish is an animated movie about a small girl Angela and her brother Pat who make desperate attempts to reunite their family. The movie stresses on the importance of togetherness of a family specially during the holidays.


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies conducted a Value Education Class on 12th of December, 2022 for semester 4 on the topic ‘Respect Your Parents’.

The message delivered by the session was respect is a fundamental virtue in the world and showing respect to your parents is the only way to show gratitude. Facilitated by Ms. Runa, a video was shown about the harsh reality of some children’s behavior towards their parents, instead of helping their parents financially their son was asking for immense amount of money for traveling with friends, then the father disallowed him and disapproved to grant the cosmic amount of money. Then, the son got furious and disparaged his father. Moreover, the mother overheard and sensibly explained his son the value of money and parents, his son realized what he did and apologises his father.

One of the girls shared her experience that one should always appreciate your parents because you do not know what they go through in order to fulfill your wishes.


The Department Of Communicative English And Media Studies organised a Value Education class for Semester- 6 on the topic: “Respect your Parents” on 10th December 2022 under the supervision of Dr Tauseef Hassan, Head of the Department.

The session’s major lesson is that, respect is the basic human value and the best way to express gratitude towards  your parents is by treating them with respect.

The video showcased the reality of the society,  how the Younger generation has started taking their parents for granted and are not being grateful for the struggles they go through while providing a good life for their children.

Now a days children feel that their parents are bound to fulfil all there dreams but in reality parents are responsible for fulfilling there basic needs and making them capable enough that they can fulfill their needs on there own.

In the video we saw how a son started misbehaving with his father just because he was not able to give him money for his trip. But then his mother made him understand the importance of money and how his parents have been sacrificing to fulfil his needs. The son realizes his mistake and apologises to his father in the end.



‘Think to create an impact on the community and not just be a part of it’


October 21, 2022


There is no shortcut. Take the longer route and it will take you to success.

This is what Ms. Shalu Jha, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder at PRandit, a PR based in Gurugram, Haryana said on the occasion of delivering a guest lecture on the topic ‘Women Entrepreneurship’, organised by the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies(CEMS) of Patna Women’s College for the students of Department of CEMS and Department of Mass Communication.

The lecture dealt in detail the different aspects of entrepreneurship including the scope and challenges and ways to overcome them.

Ms. Shalu is herself an entrepreneur and an alumna of the CEMS Department. Her startup, PRandit, was named among the ‘10 Most Promising PR Agencies in 2021’ by SiliconIndia.

Her knowledge and expertise in both the fields of entrepreneurship and media were sifted into an instructive and interactive session which lasted for two hours. She also attended to the questions put forward by the audience.

“Think to create an impact on the community and not just be a part of it”, with these words, Ms. Shalu brought the discourse to the end.

Earlier in the day, Nandika of CEMS Department gave the introduction speech. Towards the end, Dr. Tauseef Hassan, head of the Department of CEMS presented a token of love to the guest speaker. Prachi Sharma of the same department offered the Vote of Thanks.


Swati of English Department  wins Spelling Bee Contest


October 19, 2022

Swati Alice of the Department of English won the Spelling Bee contest on Wednesday which was organized by the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies(CEMS) of Patna Women’s College. Sakshi from the same department was the first runner up and Shrishty Kamal of CEMS Department was the second runner up.

The contest comprised two stages- a written Preliminary round and on-stage Final. As many as 172 students had registered for the contest and sat for the Preliminary round. The top 8 students qualified for the on-stage Final.

The Finals consisted of four theme-based rounds, they were- Headline Hunting, Parles Vous Francais?, Around the world in 15 Minutes and Time for Some Mouthful.

There were two ties in the final round for the 1st and 2nd and 3rd positions. The final result was decided on the basis of tie breaker questions.

Mr. Amitabh Ranjan and Ms. Runa, faculties of CEMS Department conducted the contest. Dr Tauseef Hassan, head of CEMS Department announced the winners and distributed the prize. Nandika and Khushi Raj of CEMS Department kept the score


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies conducted a debate competition on October 17, 2022 for Semester V students,under the supervision of Amitabh Ranjan.The motion was, ‘the pain of looking good is self-imposed and should be avoided.’Students beautifully put forth their point of view on the subject matter, be it for the motion or against it. Three of them told how the pain of looking good is self imposed. It is completely our choice and could be avoided if we had the determination and the capability of acceptance. The other three too had the audience occupied as they expressed their thoughts against the motion by stating some real life examples of how the pain is imposed by society; how we are ready to inflict pain upon ourselves, try to fit into the parameters set and live just for that little validation and acceptance of society and people.It was an enlightening and engaging session for everyone present there.


Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.

 ~Tryon Edwards


The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies witnessed the reunion of the graduated students on Saturday, October 1, 2022, when they gathered for the department’s alumni meet. The picturesque campus of Patna Women’s College once again shone with the beauty of all the wonderful faces that once adorned it. Around 15 alumnae from different batches including the batch of 2011, 2014, 2017 and 2019 attended the meet. The program was flagged off by Khushi Sharma of Semester 5 welcoming the attendees, followed by an address by Dr. Tauseef Hassan, the department head. Following the cake cutting ceremony and student performances, Shristy and Ariba from Semester 5 took the floor with their interactive game session.

The 2 hours long programme had the alumni performing on various songs and dancing while the hosts kept the energy high. Indeed reunions are an oveing part of our lives when you walk back into the space you thought you said goodbye to, when nostalgia hits you hard and your heart is swelled with memories and when new faces welcome you at your old place.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-08 at 2.21.33 PM

The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a value education class on September 16th, 2022. The facilitator Ms. Runa began the class by showing a video. The video demonstrated was, “Product cannot be greater than factory”. For the value education class of Semester I and Semester III, Moderators were Dr. Tauseef Hassan and Mr. Amitabh Ranjan.


There’s a saying that rings true for all parents: Having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body.

With time, many things have changed including communication patterns and trends. This generational gap is faced by  parents as well as children. Due to which a lot of clashes happen, having a hard time understanding each other, not being able to have faith and thinking it’s better to not tell our folks and do things on our own.

The video was about the bond between a father and a daughter. We as children/ teenagers tend to think or rather believe that our parents do not understand us, they know nothing about us  and we can easily fool them and do whatever we want just because they put certain restrictions. On the contrary parents actually know about what his/ her child is upto.


Most of us don’t recognise the hurdles that parents face just to see a smile on our face everyday. Our folks do everything possible so that we do not have any trouble.

So, we as children should be more open to having conversations with our parents which’ll help bridge the gap and build trust in the relationship.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-17 at 9.22.55 PM

“Ye male female kya hota hai? Doctor doctor hota hai,” a valuable lesson learnt by the 5th semester students of Communicative English and Media Studies during Film review. The students were taken for the movie ‘Doctor G’ in Cinepolis, PnM Mall, Patna, starring Ayushman khurana and Rakul preet kaur and directed by Anubhuti kashyap. The visit was organized under the supervision of Dr. Tauseef Hassan, Head of the Department along with Ms. Runa, Assistant professor on 14th October, 2022.
The film portrayed the struggles of a male gynaecologist in a world full of stereotypes and the discriminatory focus on the male touch.



Fresher’s Day Programme


The Department of Communicative English and Media studies of Patna Women’s College celebrated Fresher’s Day on 29/08/2022.

The programme commenced with the introduction speech given by Khushi Raj of semester 3, followed by Dr. Tauseef Hassan, Head of the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies, addressing to the new batch. The special guest of the programme were Dr. Sister Celine Crasta, Head of the Department of History and Dr. Jaya Philip, Head of the Department of Microbiology.

The thematic programme was based on “Women in Journalism”. Girls of semester 1 presented a dance drama consisting of songs and dance breaking the social stereotype against women. They also gave a tribute to “Gauri Lankesh”, renowned journalist and activist from Bengaluru, Karnataka, who fearlessly spoke against caste based discrimination and hindu extremism, yet was killed in the name of “harming a religion”. Further, our guest of honor, Dr. Sister Celine Cresta addressed the freshers and gave them her warm wishes.

The programme was concluded with a vote of thanks.






A truly great magazine surprises, even shocks and connects in nano second. And writing for magazines is an art, not everyone is born with. So, in order to make the students polish this art of writing, the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies of Patna Women’s College organised an online guest lecture on “Writing for Magazine: Scope and Structure of News Features” on 29th August, 2022. The lecture lasted for an hour and Ms. Chinki Sinha, a veteran in the field of journalism was the day’s guest speaker. Ms. Sinha is the first female editor of Outlook magazine who also happens to be the first editor for any political magazine in India.

Patna Women’s College also holds the title of being the alma mater to this truly revolutionary figure.

Ms. Chinki talked about the key attributes a journalist should have, including patience and focusing on the unusual aspects of a story. She also encouraged students to not lose hope and be consistent with the story and pay attention to not only what a person speaks but also the body language and other symbolic aspects.

Towards the end, she spoke of how patriarchal and stereotypical the field of journalism tends to be for women. She shared her experience of being subjected to hatred and suppression just for being a woman journalist in a leadership role.

It was a great learning session for the students and also a very interactive one.



The students of Communicative English and Media Studies visited the Radio city 91.1 FM on 29th July 2022, Friday with our head of the department, Dr. Tauseef Hassan, Ms Runa and faculty of the department Mr. Prashant Ravi. The Programming Director of Radio City Patna, Mr Subhash Krishna explained to us the entire working and managing of the radio broadcast. The session was throughout interactive and we got to know different aspects of radio. RJ Sourabh and RJ Barkha lent their precious time and gave us some important knowledge on radio. They also shared their experience of working in this field. We wrapped up by asking questions which were being discussed with the Rjs, and took some memorable pictures.

The Students of Communicative English and Media Studies presented a short film on CONTUSION. The following work was assigned by-Ms. Enakshi Dey Biswas, faculty of the English Department. The act was based on how our society’s women and men face molestation. This abuses the person’s mind. The movie rolled upon a family where
mother and son faced the following problems and were not able to fight back. Lastly, The sister bursted out of situation which changed the concequences. After the incident, her brother faced everything positively and fought back. Our society has such kind of people and we must not ignore their wrong doings. Our head of the department- Dr. Tauseef Hassan, followed by Ms. Runa told us to work on the editing part. They remarked the content as good and to embrace more.
Script and Editing- Navya Sinha.
Choreography- Khushi Raj

A Debate was organized by the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies on 12th May, 2022 at Patna Women’s College under the facilitator – Mr Amitabh Ranjan. It was on the topic:-‘The West shares the blame for the Russian aggression on Ukraine’ . The class was divided into 2 groups. One group was supposed to speak for the motion and the other one was against the motion. Each speaker got 3 mins to put forth their views.

An online group presentation was organised on Tuesday- 24th May, 2022 by Dr.Tauseef Hassan for the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies.

The online group presentation was based on “Creative Writing”. It contained six groups in sets of four members in each. In this knowledge intellect of the group of participants for different topics was debriefed.

Group Topic Content
Group-1 Difference between drama and poetry There were four participants in this group and they presented the topic scrupulously.They discussed the definition of drama and poetry as the major difference. Drama and poetry was differentiated on the basics of features, elements and examples and forms like ballad, haikus, opera, lyrical etc .
Group-2 Travelogue The participants started with explicating the definition of travelogue. The slides were well presented and the narration was meticulous. The participants talk through the importance and types of travelogue. The format of travelogue was discussed and an example of travelogue including pictures was elucidated.
Group-3 Tips for budding writers The participants set forth the presentation explaining the importance of writing perfectly for being one of the bestsellers.
The participants discussed tips which could enhance our writing skills.
The tips were delineated very well. Each participant of the group did a lot of research in order to present the tips adeptly.
Group -4 Importance of Gist The participants confer about the definition of gist, the importance of gist in creative writing and the strategy used in preparing gist.
They exchanged views on importance of gist in summarising. They explained the 5Ws used in preparing the gist and demonstrated those with an example.
Group-5 Obituary The participants introduced the definition of an obituary. They did confer about the way of writing an obituary. They explained an obituary with examples like of Pandit Shiv Kumar, master of santoor.
The slides included pictures of examples from newspaper.
Group -6 Short Story The participants firstly expounded the definition of the short story.
They narrated two short stories namely- ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘The Tell- Tale Heart’. They explained the different elements of the story.
The participants elucidated the theme, setting, atmosphere and time period of each of the story.

All the six groups gave the references of the content which showed the research work they have done before presentation. They exchanged views by asking questions based on each presentation.
The central objective of the online group presentation was to evaluate the participants’ knowledge on different topics based on- ‘ Creative Writing’.

A Debate was organized by the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies on 12th May, 2022 at Patna Women’s College under the facilitator – Mr Amitabh Ranjan. It was on the topic:-‘The West shares the blame for the Russian aggression on Ukraine’ . The class was divided into 2 groups. One group was supposed to speak for the motion and the other one was against the motion. Each speaker got 3 mins to put forth their views.

A PowerPoint presentation on ‘The Design Features of Language’ was given by the students of Communicative English and Media Studies Department. Since the class was divided into groups, Group A consisted of 8 students from Roll number 01 to 08, who put their explanations forward in the presentation facilitated by Dr. Devina Krishna, Faculty of the Department of English. The key properties of language defined by Charles F. Hockett were presented in separate slides, featuring the productivity, arbitrariness, reflexiveness, transmission, and other distinctive qualities of human language.
The golden opportunity of preparing this informative presentation turned out to be a valuable and enjoyable learning experience for the participants as well other students.

The Department of Communicative English And Media Studies of Patna Women’s College organized a Slogan and Poster making competition on the topic “Yoga For Well-Being” on 2nd May 2022. This was organized by under the guidance of Ms Runa. This event was organized for all the students who lead a very hectic busy life and dont always manage to take the time out for their bodies and mental health. Yoga is practiced by people of every body shape, size and physical ability. We took out some time to acknowledge this lifestyle and came up with creative slogans like “The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness”. The efforts put by the students were superb! They all worked, laughed and were productive for the duration of this event. As we all know that visual learning helps to retain information more effectively, They posted pictures and made the display board as informational and beautiful as possible.

Dept. of CEMS conducted Value education class on Earth Day with Sem-IV on 28.04.22

On 21st April, 2022, the department of Communicative English and Media Studies conducted an interactive session on the occasion of Earth Day. Ms. Runa facilitated a discussion on a video of kids performing on the theme of “Save Trees”, while the audience watched with tears welling up in their eyes. The five- minute film threw light upon the growing industrialization and the insensitivity of the human race towards the nature.
The burning down of forests, the resources being polluted and the negligence of it all has not only caused a depletion in oxygen but also the hopes of upcoming generations. As the lyric quoted “Thori si mitti, thora sa paani, tera isme kya lagta hai”, it motivated everyone to do their part in making the Earth green again.

CEMS  organizes a debate on “One should be a vegetarian”

22nd April, 2022


A debate competition on the topic of “Everyone should be a vegetarian” was organized by the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies, on the occasion of Earth Day.

The judge and the guests of today’s competition were Dr Tauseef Hassan, Head of the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies, Ms. Manisha Prasad, Head of the Department of Bachelors of Computer Applications, Ms. Runa and Amitabh Ranjan, faculty department of Communicative English and Media Studies and Mr. Ajay Kumar Jha, Faculty department of Bachelors of Mass Communication.

Khushi Raj of Semester II started the programme with a welcoming speech, briefing everyone on the theme of “Invest in our Earth”, followed by a speech by Dr Tauseef Hassan, reminiscing on her own childhood school celebrations and the change in the environment today calling for its preservation.

Taking the event further, Alina Fatima of Semester II was the moderator of the debate. After the declaration of the rules, the participants ‘for’ the motion, Salmeen Siddiqui, Tulsi Kumari and Amandeep Kaur, and the participants ‘against’ the motion, Waleeya Fatma, Manishika Roy and Netra Singh of Semester II put their points forward after which they answered the questions asked by the opposition.

After the debate, Ms. Manisha Prasad and Amitabh Ranjan threw light upon the various other categories which could be included in this vast topic of discussion, and hence broaden the paradigm of our debate.

Lastly, the results were declared and the team ‘for’ the motion won a score of 47.5 against the opposition’s score of 46.5

The event was concluded with a vote of thanks given by Alina

                       EARTH Day


                 Department of CEMS


“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” —Lady Bird Johnson.

On the occasion of World Earth Day, Patna Women’s College’s Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a plantation drive.

The fourth semester students enthusiastically participated..

Dr. Tauseef Hassan, Department Head, and all faculty members were present.

Powerpoint presentation on “Directors of Golden Era of Cinema”.


Click here to download.

‘Design feature of language’ was the topic for the online quiz competition organised on Friday- 8th April, 2022 by Dr.Devina for the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies.


The online quiz competition was based on Linguistics. It contained five questions in total given in the Google forms. In this knowledge intellect of the participants for the topic was debriefed.The questions was based on sub topics like the person associated with design feature, Semanticity, metalanguage, number of design feature etc.


The central objective of the online quiz competition was to evaluate the participants’ knowledge on the topic- ‘Design features of language’.

The movie “Mee Sindhutai Sapkal” (2010) is a biographical account of Sindhutai Sapkal, also known as Maai.

The film shows Maai showering motherly affection on thousands of orphans, despite her own mother ruthlessly marrying her off to an older man when she was barely ten. The various shades were portrayed in the roles of Sindhutai’s cruel mother, the cow who protected her during labour, the bai who took her in and Sindhutai herself, who became a social activist after all the trauma she had been through.
The movie depicted that true motherhood isn’t merely taking care of one’s own kids, but giving love to every lost child in need. Moreover, it showed the contrast in the roles of the men in her life, her father who supported her until the very end and her husband who abandoned her.


A mother could be unfair at times, like her childhood implied, but above all, it is selfless, like Sindhutai nurturing the homeless kids before her own child.
“Mother”, the only person whose love is unconditional, pure and endless. The person who does the work of twenty, for free.


Click here

Dept. of CEMS conducted Photography Exhibition on 28.03.22 on Work of Women Photographers.

The department Communicative English and Media Studies conducted a value education class on the 27thof January, 2022for semester-2 on the topic, Don’t judge a book by its cover. The message delivered by the session was that don’t judge people for the choices they make when you don’t know the options they had to choose from.

Keeping these words in view, the class representative showed the video about the harsh reality of some sections of our community, where children who should study at the age of 10-12 are child – labouring, just to support their livelihood but have keen interest in studies and therefore after they are done with their work of selling books in train they also manage to attend school.
Runa Ma’am shared her thoughts on how often we judge people by their looks, caste or by what they wear. It gives a negative impact on other’s as well as ourselves.

Then, one of the girls shared her experience that how she judged everyone in our class before knowing how they are from inside. Concluding the class, Runa Ma’am shared her opinion that different people go through different struggles, we should never treat them badly and always be kind to each other.

An online meeting of IAEC, PWC was held on 29.1.2022

Steve jobs speech

‘You’ve got to find what you love’

Key Points :

  • Stay Hungry.
  • Stay Foolish (learning).
  • Value Education Class

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies conducted a discussion on DSE 5 Dissertation class on December 4th, 2021. The facilitator Dr. DK Singh started the class by introducing the topic:  Dissertation on Research Methodology. He followed the class by discussing the introduction of the Research study, the methodology of how one can write the hypothesis, scope or range of coverage of the study , analysis ,interpretation and the findings of the research study.  The class ended with a discussion on the recommendations and limitations of the research study.

The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a value education class on December 16th, 2021. The facilitator Mr Prashant Ravi began the class by showing a video. The video demonstrated was  , “Lunch with God”. The video was about how  often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Embrace all equally! He concluded the class by explaining how much sharing is important and how much anyone can affect us. So, always be kind and helpful to others.

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value”, said Einstein.

And it was Patna Women’s College’s CEMS Department that turned this quote into a learning opportunity for the students.

The Department had organised a Value Education session. The class began with a video clip that was displayed to the students. It was an inspiring film of a ‘Kabadiwala’ who, despite not having access to fundamental educational materials such as books, had gained knowledge by studying books that were discarded by others. It was a fantastic video that demonstrated that there are always ways to reach your objectives; all you need is the desire.

Mr. Ajay Kumar, a faculty member, led an interactive conversation after the video. His own experiences and stories taught students about life’s challenges and the desire to study. He also discussed the significance of even the tiniest characters in our life.

The department of Communicative English and Media Studies conducted a Value Education Class on 30th October,2021 for Semester- 1 at 9:15 10:10 a.m. The value education class included two videos, one of them was a short story with a message of the importance of blessings in the comparison to money. The second video was about ‘how can we lend a helping hand to needy people.’
The class was concluded by our Head of Department,Dr.Tauseef Hassan that ‘The Joy of Giving is not just about helping someone financially but it is also to bring a smile on someone’s face. We have to treat everyone equally and with no discrimination on any basis to respect their opinion’.

The department of Communicative English and Media Studies organised a Fresher’s Day Program for the batch of 2021-2024. The program started with a motivational speech given by our Head of Department Miss Tauseef Hassan. A prayer was delivered by Netra Singh, to seek God’s blessings which was followed by a prayer dance performed by Aadya Shree. Moving forward a solo song was performed by Amandeep Kair followed by a choir including Manjari Kumari, Akshya Singh and Tulsi Kumari. Poems too were recited by Alina Fatma and Aaliya Ali on the topics self love and women empowerment.Moving forward the speakers introduced two solo performance by Divyanshi, Nayan and Aadya Shree. At last there was a group performance given by Netra Singh, Khushi Raj, Garima Sinha, and Gauri. The program was concluded by a cherishable speech given by the guests. They were really impressed by our performance and congratulated us by appreciating each and everyone of us

The Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organized an online Parent- Teacher Meet at 11:00 AM on 09.10.2021 of fifth semester ( session 2019-2022). The meeting started with a welcome address by the (HOD) Dr.Tauseef Hassan and proceeded further by explaining the Vision and Mission of the College . The Core Values of the College was explained by Ms.Ashrita kandulna. Amitabh Ranjan gave some insight related to upcoming challenges in the field.The meeting was concluded with an interactive session with the parents and the teachers of the department .

The department of Comunicative English and Media Studies ,Patna Women’s College organized an online Parent-Teacher Meet at 11:00 on 27th Sept.2021 for the first semester, ( session 2021-2024).

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Dept.of CEMS organized The Foundation Day of National Broadcaster Doordarshan on 15.09.2021 virtually and

organized one day Webinar on 25 Sept 2021

Value Education Class 23 Dept 2021

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Dept.of Communicative English and Media Studies conducted Rakhi Competition on 19.08.2021

Department of Communicative English and Media Studies conducted online Photo Exhibition on ‘CEMIMAGES-2021 A Visual Treat’

A phorohraphy workshop was organzied for Studnets of 6th Semester (Session 2018-21), on 2nd March, 2021, titled, Photography in 21st Century and the Workshop was done by Nikon School of Phtography, Kolkata.
The workshop was attended yby the Faculty memebers and Studnets of 6th semester.

After a lockdown that almost lasted for more than a year, things started to settle for the good and with that the new session began.
The batch of 2020 started their classes and celebrated Fresher’s Day 2021 on 12th February 2021.
The program was attended by Sister Celine Cresta, A.C. (HOD History), Faculty Members, CEMS and Students of 1st Year.

Online Guest Lecture was organized on Digital Journalism, on 10th September, 2020.
The Guest lecture was organized to enlighten the students about the reality of Digital Journalism. To let them know the qualities and skills they need to have and enhance in order to sustain themselves in the ever changing field of media.
The Guest lecture was attended by the faculty member students of batched 2018-21 and 2019-22

On 22nd August, 2020 Department of Communicative English and Media Studies celebrated Founder’s Day.
Although we couldn’t celebrate it with the Patna Women’s College Family, we made sure that we celebrate the work of the college during the pandemic and appreciate what’s it has been doing for the past 80 years.
The batch of 2019-22 organized a Quiz Contest; whereas the batch of 2018-21 organized a poster making to portray their love for the college.

(Batch 2018-2021)

(July 2020- June 2021)
15th August 2020, Independence Day Celebration: Department of Communicative and Media Studies celebrated Independence virtually by organizing Free Speech, poster making and prepared video of a small skit, Hindi and English poetry recitation and a patriotic song.
Both programs were celebrated virtually and were attended by the faculty members.

पटना विमेंस कॉलेज में एक दिवसीय वेबिनार, शीर्षक – पैंडेमिक एंड इमर्जिंग इशु ऑफ चाइल्ड राइट्स

Visitors look at the entries displayed at the Photography Exhibition-cum-Contest, at the CEMS department, Patna Women’s College, on Thursday 25.03.2021

Photography Workshop IN 21st Century By Nikon School of Photography, Kolkata Date 02.03.2021

Department Of CEMS Organize Free Speech.

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Students of CEMS B.A.III year participated in the webinar , topic: Dynamics of Mass Communication and Constructive Journalism.

A Webinar With IIMM Delhi Hosted By Romana Isar Khan

A Webinar With IIMM Delhi Hosted By Romana Isar Khan

Its was a series of virtual lectures on Strategic Communication: Discovering New Age PR -held on 6 & 7 june 2020

Today teachers and CEMS departmentand GE CEMS students have attended webinar on Visual Story telling conducted by Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication.

World Environment Day.

Apeejay School of Communication and CEMS had conducted online guest lecture on BIG IDEA for Advertising, PR & EVENT on 14th of May.

leadership webinar by dept. of cems student

webinar attended by CEMS students

Jal Jeewan Hariyali Day Celebrations in Mass Communication Department on 3rd March 2020

Pronunciation based exercises related to english consonants and vowels activity was conducted in the Language Lab by the department of Communicative English and Media Studies on 29.02.2020

Emotive language and Grammar to facilitate interpersonal skill competition was organized by the Dept of Communicative English and Media Studies on 25 -02-2020

Department of Communicative English & Media Studies organized field trip to Nalanda on still Photograph and short documentaries on 15-02-2020 .

Dept. of Communicative English and Media Studies organized Guest Lecture – Cum-Workshop on Video Production 2020 on 08-02-2020

Power Point Presentation on three months On- the- Job – training was organized in the department of Communicative of English & Media Studies

Educational visit to Red FM 93.5 Radio visit on 20/11/19 organized by the Department of Communicative English and Media Studies

In-house Media Workshop 2019 was organized by Dept of Communicative English and Media Studies on 25-09-19, 26-09-19 in MTH

Department of Communicative English and Media Studies organized Parent-Teacher-Meet on 24-09-19 in M T H

Guest lecture organized by CEMS Dept. Topic Emerging trends in Radio Broadcasting by RJ Anjali Singh 98.3 FM at 10:30 am venue MTH on 17 the August 2019

Dept of Communicative English and Media Studies organized “The Annual Media quizzical” 2019 on 16 the August

Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Dr. Tauseef Hassan (HoD)
M.A., MJMC, B.Ed
Advertising and Communication Management

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Mr. Amitabh Ranjan
Print,TV & Radio

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Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh

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Ms. Runa
M.A. in English

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MR. Prashant Ravi
Export management, Digital Journalism

Non-Teaching Staff

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Mr. Christopher Ekka