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Highlights of the Department

  • Department of Biotechnology aims to provide holistic education by innovative teaching, extracurricular activities, seminars and workshops.
  • Well-equipped lab with advanced instrumentation facility.
  • Broad area of researches are Molecular biology, Plant biotechnology, Computational biology, Environmental biotechnology & nanobiotechnology
  • Strong emphasis on modern biotechnology skills and extensive laboratory training.
  • Inculcating Scientific attitude and skills in students through regular Hands-on-experiments.
  • Well framed curriculum and syllabi to meet the challenges of growing demands of Biotechnology
  • Organization of skill development programs on regular basis for students.
  • Guest lectures on cutting-edge areas of Biotechnological research.
  • Regular interaction of students with industry personnel for wide exposure.
  • Continuous assessment of students through projects, assignments and presentations.
  • Involvement of students in extracurricular activities for holistic development of students.
  • Experienced faculty support to conquer scientific knowledge and excel.


Farewell Party “Guzre Lamhe”

International Conference 2024





Career opportunities Progress & Future Application

Workshop On Commercial Production Of Mushrooms



TOPIC – Negative Impacts Of Mobile Phones
DATE – 12-04-2023
NAME OF FACILITATOR – Dr. Arti Kumari , Head Department of Biotechnology

Undoubtedly Mobile phones and other such gadgets have made their place in our lives so well that we cannot live without these even for an hour. However, Mobile phones and technologies are a very big boon for us but at the same time it can be very detrimental for our overall development.
Through this value based personality class, we learned that excess usage of mobile phones can cause deterioration in our performance. It also shows that the excessive use of mobile phones not only impacts us but also our loved ones such as our family.
This girl was not able to pay attention to her little brother and hence he got so neglected and even got bad grades.
The girl realised how it impacted her and she handed her mobile phone to her father. This shows that excessive use of anything is dangerous, We need to monitor our behaviour and our dependence on such gadgets.


Speech Competition on “Recent technological advancements in the field of Biotechnology”


The Department of Biotechnology, Patna Women’s College organized a speech competition on 31st March 2023, from 11:30 AM in Room No. 4.11(Science Block) with the theme of “Latest Technological Achievements in Biotechnology” for PG Sem-II students. The welcome address was proposed by Dr. Arti Kumari (Head of the department, biotechnology). The program was hosted by Kumari Nidhi, a student of P.G Biotechnology Sem-II). This speech competition aimed to unveil the students of recent technological advancements in the field of Biotechnology. The judges for the events were Mr. R. N. Majumdar Roy (former Examination Controller, Patna Women’s College), Dr. Urvashi Sinha (Assistant Professor, Department of Botany), and Dr. Sumeet Ranjan (Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology). All students from the Department of Biotechnology actively participated in the competition with diverse topics which focused on the recent technological advancements in the field of Biotechnology. Some recent researches which were discussed in the form of speech were bioplastics, natural dengue inhibitors, artificial skin, bugs as a medicine, impacts of microplastics, bone marrow transplantation, and antibiotic resistance. The students also discuss the potential future research in these areas. After the competition, the judges shared their opinions on the event and encouraged the students to look forward to future contests with the same passion and excitement. Teachers from the Department of Biotechnology especially Dr. Vivek Raj monitored the overall conduct of the event.

The position of the students was as follows:

                  1st position – Kumari Nidhi and Dania Mallick.

                  2nd position – Riya Shukla.

                  3rd position – Sania Arshad and Marium Khan.


The Department of Biotechnology, Patna Women’s College conducted a Poster making Competition on 13th March ,2023 based on the theme “Women and Glass Ceiling ” under the Women’s day celebration Ojaswini 2.0.
Students of M. Sc semester II participated in the competition in a total of six groups with full zeal and enthusiasm. Students showcased their artistic skills through the various posters depicting women breaking through the social barrier- glass ceiling and emerging victorious in every aspects of life, touching new heights.


The Departments of Botany and Biotechnology, Patna Women’s College (Autonomous) organized Millets as Prebiotics: A Cooking Competition under the aegis of Vigyan Utsav-2023 on the theme “Make it a Millety Feast” on 27.02.2023 from 12:30 pm onwards.

The judges for this event were Mr. Nishit Kumar Sinha, Food and Beverage Manager, Hotel Maurya, Patna, Dr Khushboo Fatema, Senior Consultant Dietitian, Nectar Multi Specialty Hospital, Patna, and Dr Sunita Kumari, Assistant Professor, Department of Home Science, Patna Women’s College.

Altogether 23 groups of students of different streams from Patna Women’s College and other colleges participated in the event. It was an incredible cooking competition that displayed the creativity, skill and talent of the contestants.
Dr Sister M. Rashmi A.C., Principal, Patna Women’s College interacted with the participants and enquired about the ingredients and preparation of their food items. All the judges praised the participants for their effort. Overall, it was a very nice culinary experience.


A value based education class was conducted in the Department of Biotechnology for the students of Pg semester 2 on 10/02/2023 at 12:30pm in room no 4.11 by Dr Arti Kumari, Head Department of Biotechnology Patna women’s college.
The topic of the session was “When there is will there is way”it was emphasized on the morals of being independent by all means. We shouldn’t give excuses for anything because life is too short to give excuses rather we should come over those excuses and do good for ourselves.
Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses. The world is not difficult to survive in,our mentalities are.
It was an interesting topic and the session was too interactive.


Department of Biotechnology, Patna women’s college Organized a Power point presentation Competition on the topic “Gender sensitization and equality at work place” for PG 1st semester students on 19th December 2022 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm.

The aim of the competition was to spread awareness among students about gender sensitization and different laws that have been implemented in different sectors of workplace for women’s welfare. All the students of Department of Biotechnology participated in the competition enthusiastically and presented their views on the given topic. Students talked about how gender is different from sex , they also discussed about the gaps in the salary that man and women receive for the same profession, some of them also discussed about Pink tax within which they discussed how women pay more for some products of their daily use. Students also highlighted laws that have been made and enforced for bringing up women in the society and give them equal authority in every field.
The competition was judged by Dr.Arti Kumari (Head Department of Biotechnology) and Dr. Vivek Raj ( Assistant professor Department of Biotechnology) .
At the end of the competition, Dr. Arti Kumari shared her opinion on the same and motivated the students to participate in future competitions with the same zeal and enthusiasm.
At last the result was announced
1st position – Kumari Nidhi
1st position – Daniya mallick, Nili nishtha, Riya Kumari

2nd position – Ayushi kashyap, Ayurwashi Anjali

3rd position – Kanchan Kumari , Riya Kumari


A value based education class was conducted in the Department of Biotechnology for the students of PG Sem 2 on 1/02/2023 in room no 4.11 by Dr Arti Kumari, Head Department of Biotechnology Patna women’s college.
The topic for the session was Respect of parents, It was emphasized on how the children of this generation are taking their parents for granted by not thinking about them and for their betterment. Parents are the ones who nutured us throughout our lives and give us a safe path to walk on and build a better future. So it is our responsibility to become their support system whenever they need us.
It was an interactive session and students got to learn alot of things.


Quiz Competition
Date – 28th January 2023
Venue – Room No.- 4.11 (Science Block)

A Quiz competition was organized by the Department of Biotechnology on 28th January 2023 from 11:00 a.m. for the students of M.Sc. (Sem -II) Biotechnology. In this competition 5 groups (Curious Minds, Mighty Chondrias, Amino Buddies, Science Musketeers and Happy oxidants with two participants in each group gave tough battles to each other. It consists of three-round (Scientist’s name in the relevant field, Nobel prizes won in the relevant field and products discovered in relevant field) which engaged the students. The quiz was meticulously conducted by Dr. Vivek Raj, Assistant Professor under the supervision of the Head of the Department Dr. Arti Kumari.
After all the rounds Amino Buddies (Kumari Nidhi and Marium Khan) bagged the 1st Prize and the 2nd Prize was grabbed by Curious Mind (Riya Shukla and Kalpana Kumari). It was a very informative and knowledge-enriching competition for the participants along with the audience. The program ended with the opinion sharing by H.O.D. She encouraged and motivated all the students to participate in such events which enhances the competitiveness among students and also improve their capabilities to work in groups.


A Workshop on “Enzyme Technology” was organized for the students of M.Sc. first semester students of Department of Biotechnology, Patna Women’s College.

The study of enzymes and their uses in technological production of products is called enzyme technology. Enzyme is a substance that acts a catalyst in living organism, regulating the rate at which chemical reactions proceed without itself being altered in the process. All the metabolic reactions in any living system have products as well as by products. Some enzymes are used to catalyze or speed up the reaction to obtain a product which will give us energy and some are used to destroy the by products of those reactions which should be removed from body or else they will cause damage to our cell.

One such enzyme is “catalase” which was studied during this workshop. How catalase help any living system to detoxify the effect of hydrogen peroxide (byproduct of various metabolism) which might create free radicals? Free radicals are harmful for the cell and may lead to many chronic diseases like cancer, aging etc.

This workshop also sensitized our students with the techniques of cell and enzyme immobilization which has industrial importance in the field of biotechnology for the production of various industrially important products like alcohol, weak acids etc.

A series of experiments performed by the students were as follows

  1. i) Isolation of acid phosphatase enzyme from Potato and estimation of enzyme activity
  2. ii) Isolation of crude catalase enzyme from Banana and analyze the effect of various parameters, pH, Temperature, salt concentration and substrate concentration on enzyme activity.

iii) Whole cell (Yeast) and enzyme (acid phosphatase) immobilization by membrane entrapment method.


Summary report of

A Scientific talk on



Department of Biotechnology, Patna women’s college organized an online Scientific talk on antisense technology on 14.12.2022 on virtual platform from 2.30 P.M. to 4:00 P.M in collaboration with Department of Biotechnology St Ann’s College for Women, Hyderabad. The session commenced by remembering the almighty by a prayer service. Dr Arti Kumari, Head Department of Biotechnology introduced the Keynote speaker Dr. Pushpa Kumari, Deputy manager (research & ops), WNS Global services, New Delhi & Former DBT/welcome fellow, regional centre of Biotechnology, Faridabad. Dr. Pushpa presented her talk on the topic: “The world of anti-genes: their applications in biomedical research & therapeutics”. She introduced participants to the world of Anti-genes and ribozyme which are the latest technologies which are now a days researched and have been trialled as therapeutics of various uncurable diseases like germ cell line formation and its development, RNAs world & Antisense technology, CRISPR, CAS-9, and its useful applications in gene therapy.

A total of 46 beneficiaries attended this event and submitted their feedback for this event. The students benefited immensely from his lecture. The information was very useful, followed by intense interaction with students. Ms. D. Kethura Asst. Professor, Department of Biotechnology, St Ann’s College for Women, Hyderabad) proposed the vote of thanks. The program ended with the National Anthem.



The Department of Biotechnology organized an online guest lecture on Intellectual Property Rights on the topic “Indian Patent System Vis-à-vis Biology Patent Prospects” on November 24, 2022. Mr. Nilanshu Shekhar, an Indian Attorney, and founding partner of KAnalysis was the resource person for this program. This lecture was organized to spread awareness among students and towards intellectual property rights and their protection. Total 25 students of M.Sc. Biotechnology semester-1 participated in this program. Dr. Arti Kumari (HOD, Biotechnology) welcomed and introduced the resource person of the event, and highlighted the objective and importance of the program. Mr. Nilanshu Shekhar in his lecture explained the basics of intellectual property rights, its importance, types, case studies, and its importance in different sectors. He gave brief information about patents, how to apply, file, protect a patent, and what are the different strategies for getting a patent in India. In addition, he explained the benefits of intellectual property rights and how to obtain approval from various agencies. The faculty and students benefited immensely from his lecture. The information was very useful, followed by intense interaction with faculty and students. Dr. Vivek Raj (Asst. Professor, Department of Biotechnology) proposed the vote of thanks. The program ended with the National Anthem.


An Educational Tour to Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (RMRIMS), Agamkuan, Patna“An awareness towards research as career option”

An educational tour to ICMR-RMRIMS, Agamkuan, Patna was organized for the 1st Sem students of M.Sc. Biotechnology on 19th October 2022 as a part of the curriculum. The tour was a thoughtful initiative to sensitize the students towards the research environment for future as career option. The tour was monitored by the Dr Vahab Ali, Scientist- E, Dr Abhik Sen, Scientist -D and Dr Ashish Kumar, Scientist -C at RMRIMS campus. A group of 25 students of M.Sc. Biotechnology along with Dr. Arti Kumari (HOD, Biotechnology), Dr. Vivek Raj (Asst. professor of the Department of Biotechnology), and Dr. Nivedita Priyadarshini (Asst. Professor Dept. of Biotechnology) from Patna Women’s College (Autonomous), Patna University, Patna. Students get acquainted with the instrumentation and processes in biotechnology like Gradient, and real-time PCR, SDS- PAGE & Western blotting system, UV trans-illuminator and Gel documentation, Biosafety cabinets, UV-Vis and Fluorescence spectroscopy, ELISA reader, Spectrophotometer, Nanodrop, Compound, and Fluorescence Microscopy, Flow Cytometry (FACS Calibur, 4-colour), Confocal Microscope. Ph.D. Scholars & Scientists of the different lab explained their researches and also encouraged biotechnology students to take up career in research field. The trip was extremely successful and helped the students in developing their interest in research and learn about current important areas of research and development in Biotechnology.




Department of Biotechnology, Panta Women’s College organized an event on technical guidance of “HPTLC” technique on 06.09.22 at 1:30 – 3:30 P.M. in video conference room. Mr. Ramakant Yadav, application specialist from Anchrom Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, was the resource person of the Event. Dr Arti Kumari, Head, Department of Biotechnology welcomed the resource person. The event was attended by the PG (1st) Sem students and the faculties, Dr Nivedita Priyadarshni, Assistant professor & Dr. Vivek Raj, Assistant professor of the department of biotechnology. Mr. Ramakant Yadav explained his presentation on Topic “HPTLC: working and application”. He comparatively explained its advantages upon other techniques like TLC & HPLC. He also explained that it is very useful qualitative analysis method which combines the art of chromatography with short time duration and better resolution at a moderate cost. The event was followed by an interactive session, the students put forth their questions and got their queries and doubts cleared regarding HPTLC.





The Department of Botany & Biotechnology, Patna Women’s College (Autonomous) organized an awareness program on “Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali” on 06.09.2022 from 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. The programme commenced by Dr. Pinky Prasad, Head, Department of Botany, Patna Women’s College, with her knowledgeable presentation on plantation and usefulness of plant. She mentioned that trees serve as habitat and the leaves & fruits provide food for many birds & animals. She added the advantages of plantation on environment focusing on ozone layer depletion, greenhouse effect, water preservation and soil erosion. She also mentioned the divine connection of peepal (Ficus religiosa) tree and its advantage of capturing CO2 and releasing O2 even at night. Dr. Nivedita Priyadarshni, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, continued the session and discussed the effect of cutting trees and rapid industrialization on water and environment. She mentioned about the depletion of groundwater level, soil erosion, climate change and global warming. She introduced “Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali Abhiyan” of Govt. of Bihar as an exemplary step to connect common people with environment awareness which offers great opportunity to recommit and strive our path towards sustainable future as promised by the logo: “Water, Life & Greenery, Only Then Will Be Prosperity” i.e. “Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali, Tabhi Rahegi Khushahali”. Dr. Arti Kumari, Head, Department of Biotechnology described the overall theme of “Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali Abhiyan”. She mentioned, it was started by Govt. of Bihar in 2019 from West Champaran district. She also mentioned ground water harvesting and how plantation helps in restoration of fresh air, water and balanced climate change. The program was anchored by Kumari Nidhi, student Department of Biotechnology. She also proposed the welcome note and invited the speakers. Fareeza, student Department of Botany proposed vote of thanks. The program ended with National Anthem. The “Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali Abhiyan” was attended by all the Faculty Members of Department of Botany & and Biotechnology. The students of Department of Botany (UG: 1st & 2nd year) and Biotechnology (PG: 1st year) attended the program enthusiastically.


Poster competition on “Advances in Diagnosis and Therapeutics”
A poster competition was organised by Department of Biotechnology on September 14, 2022, on the topic “Advances in Diagnostics and Therapeutics”. The students participated with great zeal & it helped in enhancement of their knowledge and curiosity on the above topic and also enhanced their presentation skills. A total of 12 groups participated in this competition. Students presented various new researches in the field of therapeutics and diagnosis. To name few interesting topics were 3D bioprinting for organ transplantation, gene therapy for enhancing platelets counts, recent advances in breast cancer treatment and diagnosis using nanoparticles, cancer diagnosis with biochip technology, role of CMV for the treatment of cancer etc. Entrants were judged on originality, presentation, relevance, creativity and poster design, presentation & technical understanding, explanation, and clarity of responses during the defence. The evaluation was done very carefully and analytically by Dr. Shobha Srivastava (Member secretory academic council & Head, Department of Zoology) and Dr. Bhavana Sinha (Research Coordinator & Head, Department of MCA). They looked at and examined each poster and imparted additional knowledge to students. We were glad that they became the judges of this event.
The position of the students was as follows:
1st place – Kumari Nidhi and Aakriti Mishra. Sania Arshad and Anjali Rani,
2nd place – Riya Shukla and Daniya Malik.
3rd place – Ayushi Kashyap and Ayurvashi Anjali.
Overall, the event was a successfully held. All the winners were given prize certificate and other participants received participation certificate for this event. The entire event was organized under the supervision of Dr. Arti Kumari (HOD, Department of Biotechnology) and Dr. Vivek Raj (Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology). Dr Nivedita Priyadarshni also encouraged students for their participation and gave valuable feedback for the improvement in future.

Fresher's day

Date : 29/08/2022

The inauguration ceremony

Date : 12/08/2022

Workshop on Enzyme Technology

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