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Community College

Regular Staff

SI.No Teaching Staff Qualification Specialization
1. Sister M.Pramila A.C M.A.(SW) Communication and life Skills,Community Development(CD)
2. Ms.Rosy Kumari M.Sc.(Food Nutrition and Dietetics,P.hD (Pursuing) Infection and Control Food and Nutrition
3. Ms. Runa M.A.(English Indian English Literature ,Translation in India ,Studies in English Communication and Life Skills
4. Mr. Nasim Alam MBA,BLIS

Guest Staff

SI.No Teaching Staff Qualification Specialization
1. Dr.Joyita Das English Environmental Toxicology ,Patient Hygiene and movement
2. Ms.Margaret Soren
3. Ms. Minati Chaklanavis M.A.(English),PGJMC,LLB Reporting and Editing,Life skills,Communication Skills
4. Ms. Aprajita Singh M.Sc,(Zoology)P.hD Pursing Environmental Science ,Tranning in
5. Dr.Vinita Kochgaway M.A.(Psychology),B.E.d,P.hD Personality Development ,Life skills, Communication Skills