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(i)   Government of Bihar State Scholarships for SC/ST/ Backward Classes (Annexures – I & II)
(ii)  Minority Scholarships’ – Government of Bihar
(iii) Merit Scholarships – The Merit Scholarships are given to the toppers of the College in the Patna University

Examinations of the B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./ Vocationals Part III, B.Ed., PG Degree and Diploma Courses.

Founded Scholarships:

  • Shashank Memorial Scholarship (Founded by Dr. Gauri Shankar Pd.)
  • Anjana Bose Memorial Award (Founded by Asha Lata Bose)
  • Prof. (Dr.) Diwakar Prasad Vidyarthi Memorial Scholarship (Founded by Dr. Madan Manohar Verma)
  • Smt. Karuna Singh Award (from 2010)  (Founded by Balmiki Prasad Singh)
  • Nageshwar Prasad Ojha Memorial Scholarship (Founded by Dr. Gauri Shankar Pd.)
  • Prof. Papiya Ghosh Memorial Award (from 2007)  (Founded by The Family of Prof. Papiya Ghosh)
  • Sharda Devi Memorial Scholarship (Founded by Dr. Gauri Shankar Pd.)
  • Patna Women’s College Alumni Award (Founded by Alumni Association of Patna Women’s College in 2013)
  • Meena Sharma Memorial Scholarship (Founded by Dr. Gauri Shankar Pd.)
  • Pratibha Choudhary Memorial Award (Founded by Dr. Praveen Kumar Choudhary)
  • Indira Biswanath Roy Award (from 2013)  (Founded by Indira Devi)
  • Dr. Jay Narayan Mishra Memorial Award (from 2007) (Founded by Dr. Jagdishwari Mishra)
  • Shri Chandrashekhar Singh Memorial Scholarship (Founded by Manorama Singh)
  • Shanti Lata Prasad Memorial Scholarship (Founded by Prabhat Kumar & Basudeva Prasad)
  • Mother Theodosia A.C. Memorial Scholarship (Founded by the Apostolic Carmel Educational Society of Bihar)
  • Dr. Kalawati Tripathi Memorial Award (Founded by Tripathi Family)
  • Dr. Neena Chandra Memorial Scholarship (Founded by Pradeep Kumar)
  • Dr. Jagdishwari Mishra Award (Founded by Dr. Jagdishwari Mishra)
  • Dr. Kapileshwar Jha Award (Founded by Mrs. Nirmala Thakur)
  • Cyril D’Souza Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in B.Ed. (Founded by Henry D’Souza) 
  • Dr. Madan Mohan Jha Memorial Award for Excellence in B.Ed. (Founded by Nisha Jha)  
  • Sitapati Devi Memorial Merit Scholarship (Founded by Satish C. Prasad)
  • Uma Prasad Scholarship (Founded by Dr. Ranjan Chowdhary)
  • Sri Gupteshwar Prasad Memorial Award (from 2015) (Founded by Narendra Deva)
  • Neerja Jain Merit Award (Founded by Rashmi Jain)
  • Malti Sharan Gyan Ratn Puraskar (Founded by Vineeta Prasad, Amrita Prasad and Leena Prasad)
  • Shib Chandra Prasad Memorial Merit Scholarship (from 2016) (Founded by Satish C. Prasad)
  • Shri Raveendranath Thakur Memorial Award – Highest marks in Sent up Exam. (from 2017) (Founded by Mrs. Sheela Thakur & Family (Runoo Ravi)
  • Smt. Rani Devi Memorial Scholarship (from 2016) (Founded by Dr. Gauri Shankar Pd.)
  • Merit Scholarship (Founded by Patna Women’s College)
  • Shri Madheswar Prasad Scholarship (from 2016) (Founded by Dr. Gauri Shankar Pd.)

(iv) Awards for outstanding performance in Extension Services

  • Best NSS (National Service Scheme) Volunteer (Founded by Patna Women’s College)
  • Best NCC (National Cadet Corps) Cadet (Founded by Patna Women’s College)
  • Best ECO Task Force (ETF) Member (Founded by Patna Women’s College)
  • Best AICUFer (All India Catholic University Federation) (Founded by Patna Women’s College)

(v) Principals’ Roll of Honour for outstanding achievements

  • Out going Premier (Founded by Alumni of 2007-08, 2008-09)
  • Best Student Cabinet (Founded by Alumni of 2009-10)
  • Sports Indoor Champion (Founded by Alumni of 2010-11)
  • Outdoor Champion (Founded by Alumni of 2011-12)
  • Best Stage Artist (Founded by Alumni of 2012-13)
  • Best Sportsmanship (Founded by Alumni of 2013-14)

Sponsors are invited to find Merit Scholarships for excellence in various subjects. We look forward to your generosity.

(vi)   Mother Veronica Development Foundation (MVDF) Scholarship for socially and economically backward

but meritorious students.

(vii)  Platinum Jubilee Foundation’ Scholarships for 75 economically deprived but meritorious students to

complete their graduation.

(viii) Fee Concessions for the students whose parents belong to the lower income group. Needy but

deserving students could avail of the above-mentioned scholarships/fee concessions

(ix)   All Concessions and Scholarships given by the Institution are subject to regular attendance, good

conduct and satisfactory progress shown by the recipient. The applications will be processed by a monitoring committee.

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