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E-content for Department of Botany Code/Paper NameTopicFaculty Member NameE-mailUploaded on (date)Link
1B.Sc. BotanySemester- IBOT CC102/Biomolecules and Cell BiologyEukaryotic cell cycle and Regulation of cell cycleDR PINKY PRASADdr.pinky.prasad@gmail.com15/04/2020Download
2B.Sc. BotanySemester- IBOT CC102Eukaryotes and ProkaryotesIsha Gauravishagaurav86@gmail.com15/04/2020Download
3B.Sc.Semester- IBOT CC101/Microbiology and PhycologyRange of thallus in algae Dr Pinky Prasaddr.pinky.prasad@gmail.com15/04/2020Download
4BOTANYSemester- IIBOT CC-204 / ArchegoniatePsilotumMs. Hena Nazhenanaz64@gmail.com17/04/2020Download
5B.ScSEMESTER: II BOT CC 203 /Mycology and Phytopathology Structure and life cycle of AltrnariaDr. Urvashi
6B.ScSEMESTER: II BOT CC 203 /Mycology and Phytopathology Structure and life cycle of RhyzopusDr. Urvashi
7B.ScSEMESTER: IVBOT CC 409Different states of water, Precipitation, Soil Water and Water TableDr. Urvashi
8B.ScSEMESTER: IVBOT CC 409CommunityDr. Anjana Vermaanjana.nath.verma@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
9NA Semester II 204ANTHOCEROSDr. Anjana Vermaanjana.nath.verma@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
Ms. Aishwarya RajNA18/04/2020Download
11B.ScSemester: II BOT CC-204SphagnumDr. Anjana Vermaanjana.nath.verma@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
12B.ScSemester: II BOT CC-204FunariaDr. Anjana Vermaanjana.nath.verma@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
13B.ScSemester: II BOT CC 410Hutchinson system of classification Dr Piyush kumar Rai raipiyush518@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
14B.ScSemester: II BOT CC 410Black Rust of Wheat Dr Piyush kumar Rai raipiyush518@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
15B.ScSemester – IV BOT CC 410Cladogram Dr Piyush kumar Rai raipiyush518@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
16B.ScSemester – IV BOT CC 410Homology and Analogy Dr Piyush kumar Rai raipiyush518@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
17B.ScSemester- IIBOT CC204RhyniaDr Piyush kumar Rai raipiyush518@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
18B.ScSemester- IIIBOT CC305Normal secondary growth; Anomalous secondary growth in Tinospora, Bignonia,
Boerhaavia and Dracaena
Dr Pinky Prasaddr.pinky.prasad@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
19B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC409XEROSEREDr Pinky Prasaddr.pinky.prasad@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
20B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC305Principle of Angiosperm Dr Piyush kumar Rai raipiyush518@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
21B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC 410LamiaceaeIsha Gauravishagaurav86@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
22B.ScSemester- IIBOT CC 204RhyniaIsha Gauravishagaurav86@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
23B.ScSemester- IIBOT CC 204 ArchegoniateIsha Gauravishagaurav86@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
24B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC 410AsclepiadaceaeIsha Gauravishagaurav86@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
25B.ScSemester- IIBOT CC 204PinusIsha Gauravishagaurav86@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
26B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC 408TRANSLATIONMS. HENA NAZHenanaz64@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
27B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC 408PCR Dr.Anjana 18/04/2020Download
28B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC 408Recombinant DNA TechnologyDr.Anjana 18/04/2020Download
29B.ScSemester- IBOT CC 408Transcription in prokaryotes MS. HENA NAZHenanaz64@gmail.com18/04/2020Download
30B.ScSemester- IIBOT CC-204BRYOPHYTESDr.Anjana 18/04/2020Download
31B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC409SoilPinky Prasad dr.pinky.prasad@gmail.com21/04/2020Download
32B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC409Major Natural Vegetation of IndiaDr. Urvashi
33B.ScSemester- IIBOT CC 203Fungi: structure & classificationDr. Urvashi
34B.ScSemester- IBOT CC 101Classification of Kingdoms and their criteria.Dr. Urvashi
35B.ScSemester- IVBOT CC 410 Angiosperm : Origin and Evolution Dr. Piyush Kumar Rairaipiyush518@gmail.com21/04/2020Download
36B.ScSemester- IICC203 DISEASE DEVELOPMENT IN PHYTOPATHOLOGY Dr. Piyush Kumar Rairaipiyush518@gmail.com22/04/2020Download
37B.ScSemester- ICC 101 Nutrition-and-Reproduction-in-BacteriaMS. HENA NAZHenanaz64@gmail.com22/04/2020Download
38B.ScSemester- ICC 101 Structure-of-BacteriaMS. HENA NAZHenanaz64@gmail.com22/04/2020Download
39B.ScSemester- IBOT CC102MeiosisDr Pinky Prasaddr.pinky.prasad@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
40B.ScSemester- IBOT CC102MitosisDr Pinky Prasaddr.pinky.prasad@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
41B.ScSemester- IBOT CC102Comparison of Mitosis and MeiosisDr Pinky Prasaddr.pinky.prasad@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
42B.ScSemester- IVBOT GE 404CAM Isha Gaurav ishagaurav86@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
43B.ScSemester- IVBOT GE 404Photorespiration Isha Gaurav ishagaurav86@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
44B.ScSemester- IVBOT GE 404poaceae Isha Gaurav ishagaurav86@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
45B.ScSemester- IVBOT GE 404Benthem n Hooker System of Classification Isha Gaurav ishagaurav86@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
46B.ScSemester- IVBOT GE 404Euphorbiaceae Isha Gaurav ishagaurav86@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
47B.ScSemester- IIBOT GE 204Gnetum Isha Gaurav ishagaurav86@gmail.com25/04/2020Download
48B.ScSemester- VBOT CC512Vernalization in PlantsDr Piyush kumar Rairaipiyush518@gmail.com08/05/2020Download
49B.ScSemester- IIBOT GE 202 Bentham and Hooker ClassificationDr Piyush kumar Rairaipiyush518@gmail.com04/06/2020Download
50B.ScSemester- IVBOT GE 404 Tropisms Dr Piyush kumar Rairaipiyush518@gmail.com04/06/2020Download