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E-content for Department of Political Science SemesterPaper Code/Paper Name TopicFaculty Member NameE-mailUploaded on (date)Link
1BANABA II(POL GE 404):NATIONALISM IN INDIAFiza Darakshanav0308@gmail.com17-04-2020Download
2BANABA I(POL CC 204)Political Process in IndiaFiza Darakshanav0308@gmail.com17-04-2020Download
3BANABA I(POL CC 204)Political Process in IndiaFiza Darakshanav0308@gmail.com17-04-2020Download
4BANABA II(POL CC 409):PUBLIC POLICY AND ADMINISTRATION IN INDIAFiza Darakshanav0308@gmail.com17-04-2020Download
5Political ScienceNANAReform moventsGarima DasNA17-04-2020Download
6Political ScienceNANAIndian ParliamentDr Prabha KumarNA17/04/2020Download
7Political ScienceNANANature and Scope of Political ScienceDr Vinita PriyedarshiNA17/04/2020Download
8Political ScienceNANAPolitical CultureS H E F A L I R O YNA17/04/2020Download
9Political ScienceNANAPresidentS H E F A L I R O YNA17/04/2020Download
10Political ScienceSemester- 4POLCC410 (GLOBAL POLITICS) Module on international terrorismDr Vinita Priyedarshi av0308@gmail.com17/04/2020Download
11Political ScienceSemester- 4POLCC410 (GLOBAL POLITICS)Module on Nuclear ProliferationDr Vinita Priyedarshiav0308@gmail.com17/04/2020Download
12Political ScienceSemester- 4NAEcologyDr Vinita Priyedarshiav0308@gmail.com17/04/2020Download
13Political ScienceSemester- 4NAModule on Non-stae actor and state terrorismDr Vinita Priyedarshiav0308@gmail.com17/04/2020Download
14Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC-408Brief Note on Electoral Process in a democratic frameworkBhanu Pratapbhanu92@gmail.com20/04/2020Download
15Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC-408The first past the post (FPTP) SystemNANA20/04/2020Download
16Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC-408List SystemNANA20/04/2020Download
17Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC-408Mixed RepresentationNANA20/04/2020Download
18Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC-408Proportional RepresentationNANA20/04/2020Download
19Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC-408Single transferable voteNANA20/04/2020Download
20Political ScienceSemester- 4POL GE 404Tribal Movements in Colonial IndiaNANA20/04/2020Download
21Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC-409Types of Interactions in E-GovernanceBhanu Pratapbhanu92@gmail.com20/04/2020Download
22Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC 410Migration and Human SecurityNANA20/04/2020Download
23Political ScienceSemester- 4POL CC 410Climate ChangeDr Vinita Priyedarshi av0308@gmail.com29/04/2020Download