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Employment Status of Youth in Patna District, Bihar

Geography (M.A.)         

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                                    Peer Reviewed Journal

     ISSN 2278–0297 (Print)

                                                                                                ISSN 2278–6414 (Online)

                Vol. XIV No. 2, 2022

© Patna Women’s College, Patna, India


Employment Status of Youth in Patna District, Bihar

• Padmja • Akanksha • Ayushi Pratiksha • Debjani Sarkar Ghose

Received                   : December 2021

Accepted                   :  January 2022

Corresponding Author   : Debjani Sarkar Ghose

Abstract : ‘Employment’ can be defined as the state of having a paid job or being employed. ( ‘Employment status’ can be described as `the legal status and classification of someone in employment as either an employee or working of their own account (self-employed)’ ( There is no agreed definition of youth. It is identified as ‘the time of life when someone is young’ ( scenario of youth in Bihar is not very encouraging. The youth of the state are mostly engaged in the informal economy and try to survive through subsistence self-employment or through part-time and casual jobs. (World Youth Report, 2003) ‘Disguised employment is also common in rural areas of the State, while ‘underemployment’ where many people settle for jobs which are way below their expertise, are prevalent in urban Bihar. Women in Bihar, alike the World are treated prejudicially. Working Women face domestic and workplace discrimination and harassment in many areas. Covid-19 has only worsened the problem of unemployment in the State. People had to face several adversities during pandemic such as loss of job, reduced salaries, travel restrictions, and psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. The pandemic further worsened the problems of daily-wage workers, who even on a normal scenario face irregular

work and wages. The unemployment rate in India in 2021 is 9.80 percent, whereas the unemployment rate in Bihar is 13.61 percent which is way above than the national average.(CMIE, 2021) The main causes of unemployment in the state of Bihar are the slow economic growth and non-existence of major industries which fail to provide employment opportunities for the population. Seasonal employment opportunities, the decline of cottage industries and a defective mark-based education system are also other reasons of unemployment. For the current study, a total of 102 respondents of Patna district were selected, out of which 51 were from rural areas and 51 were from urban areas. The unemployment rate in Patna district as per sample survey was 33.3 percent in October 2021. The unemployment rate specifically for rural areas was 31.3 percent and for urban areas it was 39.2 percent during the same period. The survey indicated higher unemployment rate for females (45 percent), compared to male population (27.65 percent). Overall, a pitiful employment status of youth in Bihar was evident in the current study.

Keywords : Youth, Unemployment, Underemployment, Disguised Employment, Patna, Bihar.

M.A. II year, Geography (M.A.), Session: 2020-2022,
Patna Women’s College (Autonomous), Patna University, Patna, Bihar, India

M.A. II year, Geography (M.A.), Session: 2020-2022,
Patna Women’s College (Autonomous), Patna University, Patna, Bihar, India

Ayushi Pratiksha
M.A. II year, Geography (M.A.), Session: 2020-2022,
Patna Women’s College (Autonomous), Patna University, Patna, Bihar, India

Debjani Sarkar Ghose
Head, Department of Geography,
Patna Women’s College (Autonomous), Bailey Road, Patna-800 001, Bihar, India E-mail :