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Explore Vol. VII

Explore Vol. VII
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1. Comparative Study of Vermicompost and Vermiwash of Eisenia fetida and Perionyx excavatus and their Effect on Growth and Yield of Okra (Ambelmoschus esculentus)
Roshni Pathak, Jyoti, Shubham Singh and Sister M. Stuti A.C.
1-6 Abstract
2. Comparative analysis of synthesis of silver nanoparticles using different flower extracts (Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Tabernaemontana sp. Datura metel) through green synthesis method and determination of their antifungal activity
Swati Kumari, Poonam Priya, Shaista Karim and Hena Naz
7-9 Abstract
3. Analysis of phytocompounds and study of antioxidant and antifungal properties of Vitis vinifera leaves
Mallick Tahreem Eqbal, Nidhi, Preeti and Urvashi Sinha
10-14 Abstract
4. Comparative Assessment of Phytochemicals in Fresh and One Week Old Carica Papaya
Afrien Naz, Akanksha, Mishu Mukherjee and Pinky Prasad
15-19 Abstract
5. Medicinal Plant Mediated Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and their Antibacterial Efficacy
Pallavi, Madhu, Priya Rani and Sheila Bedi
20-25 Abstract
6. Isolation and Characterization of phenol degrading bacteria and fungi used for bioremediation
Premlata Kumari, Darakshan, Zeenat Khan and Satyamvada Swayamprabha
26-31 Abstract
7. Efficiency of bacterial isolates to degrade textile dyes
Ankita Singh, Rakhshan Ahmad, Shweta Mishra and Jaya Philip
32 – 36 Abstract
8. History and Fiction: Representation of Slavery in Select Novels (A Study of Beloved, Roots and Uncle Tom’s Cabin)
Bazla Um E Hani, Zakra Saiwa, Toshi Lall and Sahar Rahman
37 – 41 Abstract
9. The Marginalised Voices Speak in Prequels, Sequels and Retellings of Select Novels
Muzda Rahman, Zaara Urouj, Samreen Fatima and Shahla Rehana
42-56 Abstract
10. Horror Novels made into Movies: An analysis from the Psychological Perspective
Saima Raza Khan, Barkha, Manisha and Saumya Priya
47-50 Abstract
11. प्रसाद की ‘ध्रुवस्वामिनी ‘ मे स्त्री-विमर्श
इन्द्रा सिंह, अनुपमा, प्रियंका कुमारी और शरण सहेली
51-58 Abstract
12. The Problem of Dirty Hands in Politics: A Philosophical Study
Misha Kumari, Anushaka Srivastava, Rachna Kumari and Ameeta Jaiswal
59-63 Abstract
13. आधुनिक युग मे योग की प्रांसगिकता : युवा युवा वर्ग के संदर्भ में
पूजा कुमारी, सुकृति, प्रिया सिंह और कुमकुम रानींह और कुमकुम रानी
64-66 Abstract
14. Socio-Economic Position of Transgenders in India
Rajnee Raj, Swati Kumari, Namrata Kumari and Sister Celine Crasta A.C.
67-72 Abstract
15. Public Reaction on Women Abuse in India
Swati Sinha, HimadriSinha, SoumyaShruti and Priyanka
73-80 Abstract
16. Farmer Suicide in India
Princy Kumari, Sneha Srijan, Akanksha and Ratna Priyadarshini
81-87 Abstract
17. General Intelligence and Emotional Intelliigence among Higher Secondary Students
Nilanjana Nandi, Mohua Das Gupta, Divya Lahiri and Sister M. Reema A.C.
88 – 93 Abstract
18. Personality Types, Self-Confidence and Adjustment among College students
Jaya Shukla, Nupur Shree, Mantasha and Vinita Kochgaway
94-100 Abstract
19. Attitude towards Marriage and its Relation to Dowry System among Students
Padmakshi, Ruby Kumari, Juli Kumari and Neena Verma
101-105 Abstract
20. Verdict 2014: Possibilities and Apprehensions of Coalition Politics in India
Prachi Raj, Garima Upadhyay, Ishita and Shefali Roy
106 – 110 Abstract
21. How basic is the basic structure of the Indian Constitution ?
Tazmeen Shafique, Srishti Roy, Sana Bano and Prabha Kumar
111-115 Abstract
22. Relevance of the Article 370 in Making Jammu and Kashmir an Integral Part of India
Kriti Suman, Prerna, Priyanandini and Shabana P. Mallick
116 – 121 Abstract
23. पशिचम पटना नगर क्षेत्र में घरूलू हिंसा, एक क्षेत्रीय अध्यन
Suruchi Sinha, Ratan Priya, Pragya Prakhar and Awadhesh Kumar
122 – 131 Abstract
24. Status of Secondary School Education in Patna Municipal Corporation Area
Shilima Kumari, Richa Raymond, Salma Khatoon and Amrita Chowdhury
132-139 Abstract
25. Changing land use pattern, Encroachment and their related problems in Patna Municipal
Pragya Deo, Priyanka, Ruby Lata Sah and Bhawana Nigam
140-149 Abstract
26. Economics of Fisheries and Development of Bihar A Case Study of NMCH and Bazaar Samiti, Patna
Neha Kumari, Rashmi Kumari, Sugandhaa Singh and Saroj Sinha
150 – 156 Abstract
27. Brands: Not Just Craze but the New Fashion Mantra of the Youth with special reference to Patna
Neha Singh, Rupali Kumari, Monika Shailesh and Pushpa Sinha
157-162 Abstract
28. The Impact of Credit Card Rewards on Consumer Borrowing (With reference to Patna district)
Varsha Rai, Annu Kumari, Bhawana Priyadarshini and Preeti Sinha
163 – 166 Abstract
29. Prevalence of Bone Diseases among women (35-60 years) with special reference to osteoporosis: A case study of Patna Town
Priyadarshini Ghosh, Megha Sinha, Seema Rai and Punam Kumari
167-175 Abstract
30. विद्यालय जाने वाले बच्चों में विटामिन ‘ए’ की कमी का प्रभाव एक अध्यन (पटना शहरी क्षेत्र)
Shweta Kumari, Kumari Pratima Singh and Kumari Rupam
176-182 Abstract
31. The Street Children at the Railway Platform and their Rehabilitation in Patna
Kumari Kusum, Anima Gidh, Spriha Tiwari and Chandni Sinha
183-188 Abstract
32. A study on the Market Acceptance of DTH in Patna with Special Reference to Tata Sky
Jyoti Saurabh, Rima Rani, Shweta and Nusrath Sohail
189-199 Abstract
33. An analysis of the application of Guest Relation Management in Hospitality Industry with special reference to Hotel Maurya Patna
Tulika Singh, Soni Kumari, Rachita and Shazia Rahman
193-196 Abstract
34. A Report on market positioning of different newspapers in Patna
Manisha, Muskaan Kumari, Gloria and D.K Singh
197-200 Abstract
35. A Comparative Analysis of Training and Development Programmes held at HDFC and SBI, Patna Shelza Agarwal, Kritika, Samantha Galstaun and Pallawi 201-203 Abstract
36. A Study on the awareness of Cyber Crime and its security issues
Ankesha Shree, Prachi Priyadarshini, Bhavna Mehrotra and Manisha Prasad
212-215 Abstract
37. A Study of Achievements, Objectives and Future Scope of DIGITAL ASSESSMENT under UNO DIGITAL PVT.LTD.
Sonal, Neha and Sushmita Chakraborty
210-213 Abstract
38. Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition & Productivity
Ankita Pandey, Ankita, Anuradha and Amrita Prakash
214-226 Abstract
39. A Study on Socio-Economic condition of street vendors and their contribution to the Economy of Patna
Shefali, Aparna, Swati and Soofia Fatima
227-232 Abstract
40. A study on paradigm shift in customer’s contentment with special reference to health care system in Patna
Pragya Poorva, Pragya Thomas, Richa Abhilasha and Anil Kumar Sinha
233 – 239 Abstract
41. A study on Impact of CGTMSE (Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprises) on the economy of Bihar with special reference to Patna
Nidhi Pandey, Menesa Surin, Nimisha Kumari and Abhilasha Nupur
240 – 244 Abstract
42. Impact of Co-curricular Activities on Emotional Intelligence and Value Patterns of Secondary School Students
Shreya, Komal Kriti, Priya Kumari and Upasana Singh
245 – 256 Abstract
43. Attitude of Elementary School students and teachers towards Smart Class
Noori, Moumita Basak, Shivangi and Anju
257 – 263 Abstract
44. Postmodernist Reading of Alternative Education in India
Puja Kumari, Anjali Sharma, Sookanya and Prabhas Ranjan
264 – 263 Abstract