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Master Of Computer Applications

Highlights of the Department

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and high-speed Internet leased line connection.
  • On-the-Job Training is done by students in various organizations.
  • Campus Placement for deserving Students.
  • Regular monitoring of students through Terminal tests, projects, e-learning Computer-based tutorials, Presentation through Laptop and Projector.
  • Faculty support to students.
  • Online Tutorial from IIT Mumbai is conducted for college students under the NMEICT project Talk -to -A Teacher.
  • A rich departmental library, to enhance the teaching-learning process.
  • Add-on certificate course is conducted as per professional demand in IT Industry.
  • Tutorials and Remedial classes for students.
  • Top rank achieved by students in UniversityExaminations.
  • Counseling sessions for placement and on-the-job training.
  • Research Projects have taken by students under the CPE scheme.
  • Parent- Teacher meet.



A Webinar


Asymmetric Cyber war post Ukraine Crisis

            Invincible Cyber Arsenals and Crisis in Cyber Defence Engineering Resourcing”


Date: 14.09.2022

Venue: MCA Department

Total no. of participants: 50

A Webinar On “Asymmetric Cyber war post Ukraine Crisis Invincible Cyber Arsenals and Crisis in Cyber Defence Engineering Resourcing” conducted by  AICTE  in collaboration with Cybervidyapeeth Foundation along with IIIT, Ranchi On Date: 14th September 2022 | Time: 11am- 2 pm. All the teachers and students of MCA Semester I attended the webinar.


Department of Computer Applications (MCA) conducted an interactive session on Graphic Design in collaboration with Loons India on 16.09.2022.The speakers for the session were  Mr. Sakanksha Deo – Co-Founder & Head of Strategy, and Ms. Meenakshi Co-Founder & Head of Operation, Loons. The session started with the welcome address by Dr. Bhawna Sinha, Head, Department of Computer Applications (MCA). MCA Students of Semester I and III along with all the teachers of the Department, attended the session.

In this digital era, Graphic Design is an essential element for designing attractive visual content for Social Media platforms, logo designing or website designing. During this programme students learnt about the Graphic Design, its applications and prospects.


Personality Development and Soft Skills Classes

The Department of Computer Applications (MCA) has started a series of Personality Development and Soft Skills classes for MCA students to teach them to look at life with a positive attitude.
Under this series, on 23rd & 24th September, 2022, two sessions were conducted in the department.
Date: 23/09/2022
Topic: Interview techniques
Speaker: Mr. Alok John Coordinator, IQAC & Dean, National and International Collaboration, Patna Women’s College

Points discussed by the speaker:
• Desired Skills for an Interview
• Meaning of an Interview
• Objective of an Interview
• Facts of Interviewing
• Interview preparation
• Types of Interviews
• Stages of an Interview process (Icebreaker-Personal qualification & interest in position-Organisation & position-Candidate questions-Close and follow up)
• SWOC (Strength Weakness Opportunity Challenges) &
STAR (Situation Task Action Result) techniques
• Tips for a successful Interview
The students gained a lot from this session and learned about different aspects of an Interview with practical demonstration.

Date: 24/09/2022
Topic: Stress Management
Speaker: Dr. Nupur Sinha Head, Department of Psychology Patna Women’s College (Autonomous)
Participants: Students of MCA –Ist and IIIrd Semester

Points discussed by the speaker:
• What is Stress?
• Factors causing Stress (Lack of Sleep, Frustration, Conflicts, Academic Scores, Relationship, Family, etc.)
• Mental Health (Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal tendencies, Performance decline, etc)
• Statistical data for Stress (63% of students in the world are in stress due to their academic pressure)
• Generation Z
• Management of Stress
• Unseen drivers of Stress (Unemployment, Delay in completion of recruitment process, etc)
• Five F’s:- Fight, Flight, Flop, Freeze and Fawn.
• Techniques to manage Stress (Exercise , Eat well, Talk about your problems, Take a break, Deep breathing, etc)

In this session the students came to learn that Stress is a common reaction, but when it becomes constant it can turn into a problem. They learned how a balanced lifestyle can help them to manage stress. The session was quite interactive and the students were given some Psychological exercises, which they enjoyed a lot. They also learned some tips to handle themselves in a situation of Stress.


Department of Computer Applications (MCA)

Patna Women’s College (Autonomous)

(Patna University)

3rd Cycle NAAC Accredited at ‘A’ grade with CGPA 3.58/4

“College with Potential for Excellence” (CPE) status accorded by UGC

Summary Report


Personality Development and Soft Skills Classes


The Department of Computer Applications (MCA) has started a series of Personality Development and Soft Skills classes for MCA students with a great objective of looking at life with a positive attitude. It not only develops our outer self but also, our inner self. Such classes will enable our students to have a personal vision of the future; it will help them to figure out what they are passionate about and will help them to face failures with strength and an affirmative attitude.

Under this series, on Saturday, 10th September, 2022, two sessions were conducted in the department.


Session I


Date:               10/09/2022

Topic:             Effective Public Speaking

Speaker:          Ms. Roma

Head, Department of Mass Communication

Patna Women’s College (Autonomous)

Points discussed by the speaker:


  1. Definition of public speaking
  2. Components of public speaking
  3. Principal of public speaking
  4. Ways to improve public speaking
  5. Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Takeaways from the sessions are:


The students learned about style, substance as well as impact of public speaking. Various ways to improve public speaking by using 3Ps of public speaking (i.e. prepare, practice, pause). They learnt to attract the audience so that they can hear you and how to get engaged with the audience. They came to know about the knowledge of overcoming the common fear of public speaking. Overall the session was very much fruitful for the students.



Session II


Date:               10/09/2022

Topic:             Group Discussion Skills

Speaker:          Ms. Nusrath Sohail

Head, Department of Advertising & Marketing Management

Patna Women’s College (Autonomous)

Points discussed by the speaker:


  1. How to grasp the attention in a group?
  2. How to highlight yourself different in a group?
  3. How to be the best in Group Discussion?
  4. How to behave in Group discussion?

Takeaways from the sessions are:


The speaker adopted “Learning by Doing” approach. After discussing the important components of group discussion, she encouraged the students for group discussion on some current topics. In between, she was also giving valuable inputs like how to present yourself in front of an interviewer and various things to be maintained in a group discussion like how to put your point in a group discussion, how to pick up the points in discussion, how to make observer feel that you are also a part of the discussion, to grasp the attention of crowd during the discussion etc. The session was quite interactive. They learned to express their views, to improve their thinking, listening and speaking skills. It also enhanced their confidence level. Overall the experience of group discussion was amazing as all the students took part in it with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Fresher’s Day Programme

Date: 29.08.2022

Video Making Competition

Date: 11.08.2022


On the occasion of 74th Independence Day Organizes “Independence is Happiness” on date :13th Auguest, 2020

04-March-2020 – Department of MCA organized Slogan Competition on the theme “Jal Jeevan Hariyali’.



Coding Competition was organized in MCA Department during the second day (27/09/19) of the Tech Fest. Total 42 participants from various colleges participated. Judges were Mr. Sudip Mukherjee, Senior Database Manager, Water Resource Department and Dr. Rajiv Misra from IIT, Patna.



A talk on “Applications of WSN in Agricultural Environment Monitoring Systems” was organized by MCA department on 25/09/2019 Resource person was Mohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassim, MIMOS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Faculty Devlopment Programme-2019



Courses at a glance

1. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)- 3 years full time Post Graduate Course

2. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)- 2 years full time Post Graduate Course

Add-On Course

1. 3D Animation and Design

2. Android app Development

3. IoT Applications


The department MCA has a virtual classroom cum lab with Video Conferencing and lecture recording facility for adding a new dimension in the field of knowledge dissemination and storage with 64 all in one computer.It also has spacious and well-ventilated classrooms for conducting theory classes and a well -equipped lab with 60 all in one computer. The department is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and high-speed Internet leased line connection.A rich department library to enhance teaching-learning evaluation. To facilitate learning the department is well equipped with other gadgets like Laptops, Scanner, Printers. The Department of MCA has well qualified regular faculty as well as visiting faculty from renowned institutions.

Teaching Staff

Basic Information

Dr. Bhawna Sinha(HOD)
Ph.D, M.Phil, MCA, MBA

Basic Information

Ms. Sushmita Chakraborty

Basic Information

Mr.Praveen Kumar
M.Tech, MCA
Web Technology

Basic Information

Mr. Braj Kishore Prasad
Network Security

Basic Information

Ms Poonam A Lakra

Basic Information

Ms. Manisha Prasad

Basic Information

Ms. Anshu
M.Sc. (IT)

Basic Information

Ms. Amrita Prakash

Basic Information

Sister Reema A.C
M.A, Ph.D, Clinical Psychology, Counselling

Basic Information

Dr. Sahar Rahman
M.A, Ph.D

Basic Information

Dr. Rohit Singh
M.Sc, Ph.D

Basic Information

Dr. Priyadarshini
MCA, M.Sc, Ph.D.

Basic Information

Ms. Pratima Kumari
B.Tech, M.Tech, UGC NET

Guest Faculty

Basic Information

Ajit Kumar Singh
M.Phil, MCA, NET