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IRIS Vol. VII (2018)

SI.No Discription PagesLinking
1.Comparison of Regeneration inAdult and Juvenile Eisenia fetida and Effect of Riboflavin on Regeneration

Juli Kumari, Sanju Kumari, Naziya Tarannum and Shahla Yasmin
1-6 Abstract
2.Olfactory Behaviour and Learning in Native versus Lab-bred Drosophila melanogaster

FarheenTabassum, Neha Kumari, Rashmi Singh and Shahla Yasmin
7-12 Abstract
3.Cause of Hair Fall in Girls of Patna Women’s College campus and Other Girl Hostels of Patna

Saima Firdous, Shiwani Priya, Shefa Hasrat and Shobha Shrivastava
13-19 Abstract
4.Evaluation of the Larvicidal Effect of Coelomic Fluid of Eudrilus eugeniae on Aedes Larvae

Snigdha Krishna, Suruchi and Sister M. Stuti A.C.
20-24 Abstract
5.Ant Induced Soil Modifications and its effects on Plant Growth

Umme Tahira Waris, Shalvika Nanda, Tanvi Sinha and Reshma Sinha
25-34 Abstract
6.Extraction of tomato carotenoids, mediated by crude bacterial cellulaseSadiya Samir, Vartika, Sweta Suman and Jaya Philip 35-42 Abstract
7.Isolation, Growth and Identification of chlorpyrifos degrading microorganisms from Agricultural soil

Shreya Shikha, Soumya Shradha, Sandhya Kumari and Sonal Suman
43-48 Abstract
8.Bioremediation of DDT contaminated soil samples using dairy waste manure prepared from spoiled dairy products

Ujjwali Bhardwaj, Nidhi, Nisha and Sonal Suman
49-55 Abstract
9.Microbial pigment as an alternative to synthetic dye

Jyoti Jha, Kumari Meenu, Pragya Sinha and Priyaragini
56-61 Abstract
10.Impact of ascorbic acid on seed germination, seedling growth and metabolism of salt-stressed Vigna radiata.

Smriti Nandan, Anamika Kumari, Ranjana Kumari and Pinky Prasad
62-66 Abstract
11.Estimation of chemical composition in different honey samples.

Manisha Mohan, Mariyam Shaheen, Pinky Singh and Pinky Prasad
67-71 Abstract
12.Analysis of phytoconstituents present in the leaf extract of Trianthema portulacastrum and its antimicrobial assay.

Surabhi Dutta, Shweta Jha, Kirti Kashyap and Urvashi Sinha
72-75 Abstract
13.Phytochemical compound from Coccinia indica, its relevance to antimicrobial and  anti-inflammatory activities.

Rashmi Kumari, Jaya Keshri, Anushka and Isha Gaurav
76-85 Abstract
14.Quantitative Analysis of Caffeine Content in Different Samples of Chocolate

Anamika, Jyotshna, Nidhi and Madhu Rani Sinha
86-88 Abstract
15.A study of the impact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy.

Monika Singh, Riya, Sharwanil Kumari and Moon
16.Application of Linear Programming Model in A Bag Manufacturing Unit in Patna.

Shivangi Prabha, Nisha Modi, Nidhi Kumari and Moon
A Report on Scope of Implementation of Queuing Model of Operation Research at Hospital with specific reference to IGIC.

Aarchie Gupta, Prakriti, Shobha and Bhavnaa
18.Application of Linear Programming Model in Small Scale Industry Alfia Kamal,

Pooja Pallavi, Priya Kumari and R.N.