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IRIS Vol. VIII (2018)

SI.No Discription Pages Linking
1. Amelioration of Fluoride Toxicity on the Reproductive Output of Drosophila melanogaster with L. Ascorbic Acid

Vanshika Singh, Raushni Choudhary, Sanjana Shah and Shahla Yasmin

1-6 Abstract
2. To Detect Adulterants Present in Different Milk Samples Available in the Market of Patna

Ananta, Awantika Kumari, Vaishali Gupta and Shobha Shrivastava

7-12 Abstract
3. Water Quality Analysis of River Ganges at Different Ghats in Patna, Bihar

Kriti Kumari, Nibedita Nayak, Pallavi Kumari and Sister M. Stuti A.C.

13-19 Abstract
4. Effects of Fly Ash on Plant Growth

Aakriti Asim, Aditi Raj and Reshma Sinha

20-24 Abstract
5. Isolation and Characterization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from different Clinical Samples and to check the efficacy of selected daily diet supplement extract on the Isolated Strains
Mehrun Sultana, Aliya Firdaus, Richa Shree and Jaya Philip
25-34 Abstract
6. Isolation, Screening and Characterization of Cellulase Producing Bacterial isolates from garbage dumping sites

Moni Kumari, Muskan Singh, Aakriti Lal and Jaya Philip

35-42 Abstract
7. Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria Associated with Dental Plaque and Effect of Different types of Toothpastes for Preventing Dental Caries

Madhu Muskan, Harshita Varsha, Richa Sinha and Sonal Suman

43-48 Abstract
8. Isolation, Screening and Characterization of Amylase Producing Bacteria (Bacillus sp.) from the Soil of Different Regions of Patna

Kumari Aishwarya, Archana, Sana Perwaze and Arti Kumari

49-55 Abstract
9. Study of phytoconsistuents, nutritional profile, anti-bacterial properties, assay and isolation of phenolic compounds in the extract of pulp, seed, leaves and bark of Syzygium cumini

Jagrity Singh, Juhi Kumari, Sweta Kumari and Urvashi Sinha

56-61 Abstract
10. Effect of Lime and Farmyard manure on the Concentration of Cadmium lpomoea aquatica along with its Antimicrobial and Phytochemical analysis

Sonam Kumari, Jayanti Jna, Rangoli Kumari and Isha Gaurav

62-66 Abstract
11. Evaluation of Antioxidant & Antimicrobial activity of synthesized silver nanoparticies using Phyllanthus niruri

Amrita Kumari, Suruchi Kumari, Srijan Suprakash and Isha Gaurav

67-71 Abstract
12. 12. Study of antimicrobial along with antioxidant property of Cymbopogon citratus oil extracted by solvent extraction method

Anupam Kumari, Aradhana Kumari, Swati Dubey and Isha Gaurav

72-75 Abstract
13. Phytotoxicity of Copper & Silver Nanoparticles on Seed Germination and Biochemistryn in Cassia Fistula and Clitoria Ternatea

Deepshikha Pandey, Sweety, Worthyson Sakshi and Hena Naz

76-85 Abstract
14. Quantitative Analysis of Caffeine Content in Different Samples of Chocolate

Anamika, Jyotshna, Nidhi and Madhu Rani Sinha

86-88 Abstract
15. A study of the impact of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Indian Economy

Monika Singh, Riya, Sharwanil Kumari and Moon

89-91 Abstract
16. Application of Linear Programming Model in A Bag Manufacturing Unit in Patna

Shivangi Prabha, Nisha Modi, Nidhi Kumari and Moon

92-95 Abstract
17. A Report on Scope of Implementation of Queuing Model of Operation Research at Hospital with specific reference to IGIC

Aarchie Gupta, Prakriti, Shobha and Bhavnaa

96-98 Abstract
18. Application of Linear Programming Model in Small Scale Industry

Alfia Kamal, Pooja Pallavi, Priya Kumari and R.N.

99-102 Abstract