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    Patna Women’s College maintains a Central Library in order to support and fulfill the objective of teaching and learning in the institution. The Central Library is housed in a spacious part of the college having enough space for reading and reference work. Patna Women’s College Central Library follows an open access system and is fully automated using Integrated Library Management Software SOUL 3.0 and RFID technology. The aim of the library is to support the curriculum need of the students, teachers, and support staff of the institutions.
    The Central Library aims to cater to print as well as online issues of journals. Separate E-Library sections and reading sections have been made for the convenience of the readers. It also aims to provide fiction and non-fiction books for casual reading. The collection includes timeless classics by well-known authors, contemporary books of repute, and magazines.

    The ultimate goal of our library is to:

    1. Disseminate information and knowledge.
    2. To adapt to technological advancement.
    3. To provide premium print and digital content as per the curriculum.
    4. Providing light reading resources.



    Library Timings 9:00 am – 4: 00 pm
    Circulation Section Timings(ISSUE/RETURN) 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
    2:00 pm – 3: 00 pm

    Library Resources Statistics:


    Books 1,05,827
    Journals 91
    e-Books Through Subscription from: N-List and DELNET
    e-Journals 55 and Subscription from N-List and DELNET
    Multimedia (CD/DVD, Display boards) 567(Display boards: 2)
    Magazines 35
    Newspapers 6 (3 English and 3 Hindi)
    Previous Question Paper Facility All Semester of 40 departments
    Computers (including OPAC room and e-Library) 41
    Seating Capacity 199
    Dimension of the Library 9752 sq. ft.



    By default, the membership of the central library is for its students, faculty, and staff of Patna Women’s College.
    The membership in the library can be terminated by the principal of the institution if found stealing books, tearing pages, or any improper use of the library services and facilities.



    1. Books are issued to the user for 7 days, if the book is not returned after 7 days, an overdue fine is charged Rs. 5/- per. day.
    2. Maximum 3 books can be issued at a time.
    3. The institute ID card or the smart card is a must for using the library and its facilities.
    4. Users are requested to maintain an atmosphere of peace and silence.
    5. No personal belongings other than a sheet of paper and pen are allowed in the library reading section.
    6. Any resources of the library should not be taken without permission.


    Patna Women’s College Central Library has been divided into different sections for its smooth functioning. The various functions are:



    Lending – Stack section books are issued to the students for a period of 7 days. Books so lent shall be returned on the due date. The same book can be reissued for another 7 days if it is not in demand. Maximum of 3 books can be issued at a time.

    Digital Library

    Digital Library – PWC provides computer systems to access to the subscribed DELNET, N-List, E-books, E-journals, other e-resources, and internet browsing facility for students.


    Multimedia: – CDs/DVDs are kept in a different section for assistance to teachers and students.


    1. Central library provides print journals and E-journals related to various disciplines to teachers and students for teaching and research-oriented programs.
    2. Magazines/newspapers: The library provides subjective, competitive & general magazines and daily newspapers.

    Library catalogue

    It helps to locate a book or other resource in the library. The library catalogue can be searched by Title, Author, Class no., and Keyword.

    OPAC: OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

    OPAC: OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) allow the users to search the library holdings such as books and other materials.

    Question papers

    Question papers: – The library provides the previous year’s exam question papers.


    The Central Library has a subscription to 6 newspapers, 3 English and 3 Hindi. English Newspapers: The Hindu, The Telegram, The Times of India. Hindi Newspapers: Hindustan, Dainik Bhaskar, Dainik Jagaran.

    E-mail and SMS

    E-mail and SMS alert service to students about the transactions.

    ID – Card or Smart Card

    ID – Card or Smart Card: – Library provides the ID card printing service in the college. The smart card serves as a college identity card, library borrower card, and access card to campus facilities and services.

    Photocopying facility

    Central Library provides a photocopying facility. Both color and black & white Xerox can be done here. An amount of Rs. 1/- per page is charged for black & white Xerox.

    Book drop and kiosk facility

    A book drop and kiosk facility for self-check-in and check-out of books.


    Patna Women’s College provides e-resources (e-books and e-journals) through the subscription of:


    e-PG Pathshala
    Swayam Prabha (free DTH Channel for education)
    FOSSEE: Better Education
    VIDYA-MITRA: Integrated E-Content Portal
    National Digital Library of India
    Code_cademy Exchange ideas and share knowledge


    DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)
    Open Library
    Project Gutenberg

    Profile of the Staffs

    S. No Name of Staff Member Photograph Sex Designation Date of Birth Academic Qualification Professional Qualification Date of Appointment
    1 Anjali Kumari Sinha F Librarian 06-10-1958 M.A. (Sociology, Hindi) M.L.I.S, L.L.B., D.C.A. 01-02-1983
    2 Md. Jahangir Alam M Computer Professional 07-01-1968 B.Sc. Botany (Hons) M.C.A., B.L.I.S. 01-09-2015
    3 Chandan Kumari F Library Assistant 10-04-1976 M.A. (Sociology) M.L.I.S. 06-06-2006
    4 Sushma Kumari F Library Assistant 14-11-1975 M.A. (History) M.L.I.S., D.C.A., Hindi, English Typing 01-06-2016
    5 Rekha Kumari F Library Assistant 03-01-1982 B.A. Hindi (Hons) B.L.I.S, Library Automation 27-05-2015
    6 Kamal Kumar M Assistant Librarian 09-12-1987 B.A. English (Hons) B.L.I.S.,M.B.A. 09-10-2018
    7 Shalini Shekhar F Library Assistant 16-07-1993 B.A. Geography (Hons) B.L.I.S., Polytechnic (Lib. Sc.) 01-07-2019
    8 Rocky Hansdak M Library Assistant 01-07-1963 B. Sc. 01-04-1996
    9 Manoj Kumar Das M Library Attaindent 25-01-1973 I.A. 25-01-1996
    10 Bashiruddin M Anusewak 08-05-1961 Non-Matriculation 12-02-1993
    11 Ranjit Kumar Kujur M Peon 30-11-1961 Non- Matriculation 10-02-1983