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Top College in Patna | Manjari


M.A, Ph.D

  • Name: MANJARI
  • Gender: Female
  • Department: Sanskrit
Work Experience :
  • Patna Women’s College from 18.01.2002 and again from 09.07.2002 to 06.05.2003.
  • Magadh Mahila College from 16.08.2004 to 28.02.2005.
  • Patna Women’s College from 06.07.2006 to till date.
Achievements :

Talk/Programmes on Electronic Media by the Faculty

  • Name: Dr. Manjari
  • Type of Media: All India Radio
  • Title: वार्ता “भारतीय विज्ञान के उन्नयन में महिला
    वैज्ञानिकों की भूमिका”
  • Date: 08.06.2010.
  • Programme: नारी जगत

  • Name: Dr. Manjari
  • Type of Media: All India Radio
  • Title: वार्ता “नारी मुक्ति संघर्ष: च स्वतंत्रता दिवसर्थम.
  • Date: 14.08.2018.
  • Programme: सुर भारती
Publications :
  1. Title-Interpretation of Bhagavdtgita
    Name of Journal- DEMOCRACIES
    Volume- XXII-XXIII
    Pages-181-182 (8 Pages)
  2. Title -Saptanga Rajyam in Ancient India
    Name of Journal- DEMOCRACIES
    ISSN- 0970-7751
    Volume- XXV-XX
    Year- 2006-2007
    Pages- 112-119 (8 Pages)
  3. Title Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligernce
    Name of Journal- PATNA UNIVERSITY
    Journal of humanities
    Volume – 1
    Year- 2010
    Pages- 27 – 37 (10 Pages)
  4. Title: संस्कृत नाट्य कला में नाट्य समयः एक समीक्षात्मक

    Name of Journal: GLOBAL RESEARCH REVIWE.
    ISSN: 2277-4774.
    Volume: 3
    Year: June 2014
    Page: 27-34 (8 Page)
    National/International: National.
  5. Title: भवभूति का महावीर चरितः भाषा शैली तथा नाट्य
    की समीक्षा.
    Name of Journal: The Enlightment Research Review.
    ISSN: 2250-3285.
    Volume: IV
    Year: Jan to June 2014.
    Page: 39-46 (8 Page).
    National/International: National.
  6. Title: मनुस्मृति कालीन सामाजिक अनुशासन एवं राजदर्शन.
    Name of Journal: शत्राची.
    ISSN: 2348-8425.
    Volume: 9
    Year: December 2015.
    Page: 126-129 (4 Page).
    National/International: National.