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Mobile Banking A-Pillar toward Digital Acceleration of Indian Society

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                                    Peer Reviewed Journal

     ISSN 2278–0297 (Print)

                                                                                                ISSN 2278–6414 (Online)

                Vol. XIV No. 2, 2022

© Patna Women’s College, Patna, India


Mobile Banking
A-Pillar toward Digital Acceleration of Indian Society

•  Nikky Kumari    •   Mahesh Chandra Prasad

Received                                   : April 2022

Accepted                                   : May 2022

Corresponding Author   : Nikky Kumari

Abstract : India has been Digitalizing over the years through Mobile Banking. Banks in India now understand that technology is the only key enabler to bringing change in society. A massive shift has been recorded in the banking sector that both the Customer and the Bank shifted towards Digital and Branchless Banking systems. Mobile banking has also tremendously grown with the Indian Flagship program called Digital India launched and supported by the Indian Government. The study is designed to understand the concept and present status of Mobile Banking provided by banks in India in the light of the Digital India Flagship Programme, as it is a known fact that the government of India has announced the Indian flagship program to modernize India into a digitally authorized society and information economy called the Digital India program with some significant ideas such as Digital Set-up, Electronic Governance and Services, and Digital Empowerment of society with a basic theme of Paperless Faceless and Cashless India. Mobile Banking as a Digital Platform for various banking services is one of the significant pillars of such a program and will help achieve

the program’s target. Since the program was launched, tremendous digital growth in India in terms of digital infrastructure and Broadband connectivity has been recorded. The trust provided by the Government to digital pillars and other initiatives like the Mobile Banking system led to the digital revolution in the country, and Digital transformation has been recorded in the society. The study attempts to trace the growth of Mobile Banking since the launch of the Digital India Flagship Program, and the investigation is mainly based on conceptual and Descriptive studies based on available data from literature and reports on the Internet. For this purpose, the literature from 2016 to 2020 has been explored and available on websites and e-journals. The study has found that mobile banking is rapidly growing in India in the last few years. The creativity of the Indian Government helps society to lift the acceptance of mobile banking.

Keywords : M- banking – Mobile Banking, Digital India, Digital Banking, Digital Infrastructure, Digital Pillars, Virtual banking, Frictionless Banking.

Nikky Kumari

Research Scholar,

Department of Applied Economics and Commerce, Patna University




Mahesh Chandra Prasad

Head of Department, Department of Applied Economics and Commerce,

Patna University