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Research Grant for Teachers 2021

The Research Cell of Patna Women’s College has provided seed money to the faculty members of the college for undertaking research activity. The ceiling amount of the seed money may increase according to the requirements mentioned in the proposals.

The seed money could be used for Purchasing or Subscription to Books/ Journals and study materials related to research area, Research publications, Research software, Stationery items, etc.

The amount sanctioned will depend on the type of research to be undertaken by individuals.

The second proposal was given in the month of February, 2021 , in which a total of 20 faculty members were selected on the basis of their synopsis and research proposals. The duration of their research work varies from 3 months to 1 year. The details of the selected research proposals are as follows:


S. No. Name of the Faculty Member Department Research Topic Total Duration(months) Project Starting Month Grants Sanctioned (in Rs.)
1  Ms. Ritika Shree Education A Study Of Relationship Between Parents’  Internet Addiction And Children’s Academic  Performance At Secondary Level 10 01.04.2021 25000/-
2 Dr. Anupma Kumari Zoology Comparative and Combinatorial Study of Antibacterial Properties of Aegle Marmelos, Moringa Oleifera And Syzygium Cumini on Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacterial Strain 12 01.04.2021 25000/-
3 Dr. Neetu Zoology Detection of Chromium concentration in Labeo rohita and Clarias batrachus collected from local fish markets of Patna, Bihar 12 01.04.2021 25000/-
4 Dr. Shubhra Education Attitude and Self-efficacy of Prospective Teachers towards Online Learning 8 01.04.2021 25000/-
5 Mr. Rajeev Ranjan Zoology Evaluation of antihyperglycemic effect of Trigonella foenum graecum on induced diabetes in Swiss Albino mice 12 01.04.2021 25000/-
6 Dr. Sapna Kumari Zoology Evaluation of anti-hyperglycaemic effect of Moringa oleifera on induced diabetes in Swiss Albino mice 12 01.04.2021 25000/-
7 Dr. Jyoti Chandra Chemistry Rapid and Efficient Synthesis of 1, 2, 4-Oxadiazoles Utilizing Ethyl 2-cyano-2-(2-nitrophenyl sulfonyl oxyimino) acetate (ortho-TosylOXY) as a Catalyst and Dehydrating Reagent under Microwave Irradiation. 12 01.04.2021 39000/-
8 Dr. Shahla Yasmin Zoology Possible genotoxic effects of fluoride and arsenic on Drosophila model 10 01.04.2021 25000/-
9 Mr. Alok John Advertising and Marketing Management Mitigating Occupational Health Hazard: Role of Work from Home 6 01.04.2021 25000/-
10 Dr. Preeti Swarupa Microbiology Phytochemical characterization and comparative antibiogram analysis of stem bark extracts of Mangifera indica with broad spectrum antibiotic against Staphylococcus species. 3 01.04.2021 25000/-
11 Mr. Ravi Kumar Mathematics Mathematical Modelling of the dynamics of Drug Spreading In India- A Fractional Calculus approach 12 01.04.2021 22,000/-
12 Bhawna Sinha MCA Augmented Reality: A tool for Interactive Learning Environment 12 01.04.2021 25000/-
13 Dr. Amrita Physics Quantum Computation and its role in Information Processing 12 01.04.2021 25595/-
14 Dr. Satyamvada Swayamprabha Microbiology Isolation and Characterization of microorganisms with Pesticides degrading potential 12 01.04.2021 20000/-
15 Mr. Praveen Kumar MCA Significance of Software development models in current context 12 01.04.2021 80,000/-
16 Dr. Miranda Das Politi cal Science Multinational Corporations and Gender Discrimination: Escape from Accountability 4 01.04.2021 25000/-
17 Mr. Prabhas Ranjan  Education Modelling ICT use among undergraduate students: A gender-based study 12 01.04.2021 45000/-
18 Dr. Niti Yashvardhini Microbiology Mutational insights into the endoribonuclease (nsp15) protein of SARS CoV-2 through structural genomics and immunoinformatics approach 3 01.04.2021 25000/-
19 Dr. Nupur Sinha  Psychology Digital Citizenship Behaviour, Internet Self-efficacy In Academia Defining Psychological Well Being In Digital Age 6 01.04.2021 26000/-
20 Dr. Ashish Kumar Chemistry In-vitro Dissolution Of Urinary Stone With Hydroxy, Amino And Natural  Plant Extract 15 01.04.2021 25000/-