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Machine Learning: A way forward in Transportation Strategies for Smart Cities

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                                    Peer Reviewed Journal

     ISSN 2278–0297 (Print)

                                                                                                ISSN 2278–6414 (Online)

                Vol. XIV No. 2, 2022

© Patna Women’s College, Patna, India


Machine Learning: A way forward in Transportation Strategies for Smart Cities

• Kiran Pandey

Received               : April 2022

Accepted               : May 2022

Corresponding Author   : Kiran Pandey

Abstract : The increase in urban drift has led to an unprecedented surge in the urban population in Bihar. Patna, the state’s capital and on the list of the Smart City, is having a massive rise in population which has brought in many challenges for the transportation industry, including the development of efficient strategies to utilize available infrastructures and minimize traffic congestion. Thus efficient transportation strategies need to be formulated to tackle the issues affecting the Smart City transportation industry. This study has been taken as a pilot project. This paper gives a comprehensive review and discussion focusing on emerging Machine Learning approaches. It is aimed to

provide a valuable pathway to researchers regarding the roles that data-driven strategies can be utilized for Smart Cities (SCs) transportation. An objective of this paper was to acquaint researchers with the use of Machine Learning (ML) approaches for SC transportation applications and to give helpful insight to researchers on how it can be explored for SC transportation strategies. This paper also examines the impacts of Machine Learning as a technological driving force.

Keywords : Smart Cities, Transportation Strategies, Machine Learning (ML).

Kiran Pandey
Assistant Professor
School of Computer Education & Information Technology
Nalanda Open University, Patna