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Vinita Priyedarshi

Best College in Patna | Vinita Priyedarshi

Dr. Vinita Priyedarshi

M.A, Ph.D

Basic Information:
  • Name: Vinita Priyedarshi
  • Gender: Female
  • Department: Political Science
Work Experience:
  • Worked as a Research Associate in USI-CS3, from July 2009 to September 2010.
  • Worked as a Research Associate in CSDS (Center for the Study of Developing Societies) under Prof. Ramin Jahanbegloo (heading Rajni Kothari Chair for Democracy) for one year and 4 months.
  • Worked as a Research Associate in IPCS [Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies] on the Project dealing with terrorism in South Asia.
  • Assisted Web Martin (a British Scholar working on Right to Information Act) for six months in his project on RTI.
  • Assisted Bianca Brijnath (an Australian Research Scholar working on Dementia) for eight months.
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