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Top College in Patna | Bhawna_Sinha

Dr. Bhawna Sinha(HOD)

Ph.D, M.Phil, MCA, MBA

  • Name: Dr. Bhawna Sinha(HOD)
  • Email: bhawna.mca@patnawomenscollege.in
  • Gender: Female
  • Department: MCA
  • Asst. Professor: July 1997 – June 2012
  • Head of the Department : July 2012 – Present
  • Department of MCA, Patna Women’s College Bailey Road, Patna
  • Awarded the “Exemplary Teacher” of the year 2014-15 by Patna Women’s College, Patna University.
  • Awarded Active Participation (Women) Patna Chapter Region II 2015-16 by Computer Society of India at CSI Annual Convention 2016, Coimbatore
  • Mother Teresa Excellence Award for Outstanding Services, Achievements & Contributions by India International Friendship Society on 27th May 2017 at New Delhi.
Research Publications :
S. No. Name of the Paper Name of the Journal with ISSN No. Year of Publication
1 Study of Network Intrusion Detection using Fuzzy Logic Journal of Physical Science, Vol. 5 (No.1) 2013: P.67-73 ISSN 0975-5519 2013
2 Study on Remote File Attacking– Inclusion & Detection International Journal of Science Engineering and Advance Technology, IJSEAT, Vol 2, Issue 9 ISSN 2321 2014
3 Intrusion Detection System: Proceedings of 6th Bihar Science Conference
Tools and Techniques (International Conference on Science and Technology) 2014
4 Garbage Disposal and Solid Waste Management: e-Waste Management Development & Management of Urban Infrastructure in India ISBN-81-85891-25-8 Rajesh Publications, New Delhi, 2017
5 Accelerating Digital Transformation with the Internet of Everything CSI Communications ISSN 0970-647X Vol. 41, Issue No. 4 July 2017 Pg 42 – 44
6 E-Waste Management “ A Potential Route to Green Computing” International Journal of Innovations & Advancement in Computer Science (IJIACS) ISSN 2347-8616 Volume 6, Issue 11 November 2017
7 E-Content: An effective tool for Blended Learning International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research IJSER ISSN 2229-5518 Volume 8, Issue 1, October-2018
8 Direct Benefit Transfer: Issues and Challenges” in respect of Students’ Scholarship Scheme Explore-Journal of Research Vol IX ISSN 2278-0297 (Print) 2278-6414 (Online) 2017 Pg 325-332
9 MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses): The New Trend of Education Explore-Journal of Research Vol X ISSN 2278-0297 (Print) 2278-6414 (Online) 2018
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