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Women and Environment: Gender perspective to Sustainable Development.

Women and Environment: Gender perspective to Sustainable Development.

The Environmental concern has moved to the center of world consciousness albeit a little late. Human intrusion in nature’s process was there since the beginning but with the onset of Industrial Revolution , science and technology has given man the ability and capacity to intrude in an unprecedented manner, causing serious threat to the ecological balance and growth of the economy. These concerns can be addressed by the developed countries as they have resources at their disposal but with weak infrastructure and insufficient resources the developing countries are at a great loss. Their ever rising population is further damaging to the environment. Industrialization ,though essential ; without regard for the environmental factors is counterproductive both in the long as well as immediate timeframe.

The core concern of environment and development on a global platform  has led to the emergence of the concept of Sustainable development. Sustainable development ,which defines overall socio- economic growth of the society through rational exploitation and optimum utilization of resources by adopting eco-friendly technologies and environmental education leading to sustainable economy and maintenance of environmental quality and ecological balance so that continuous yield of resources is ensured to the present and future generation.

The coming together of the ideas of environment and development  leading to sustainability brings in a crucial perspective of gender equality .Various studies have shown that gender equality reduces poverty, supports economic growth ,encourages good governance and promotes better quality of life. Women being closer to earth ,have a vital role to play. Given  the wide range of daily interactions with the environment to meet household needs, they are particularly affected by its degradation . When they  aren’t allowed to shape policy ,decisions about the environment often affects women in negative ways. Women need official channels to voice their concerns and have a say in decision making. They need to be encouraged to rely on local knowledge, traditions and skills thus becoming self-reliant and self-sufficient . Women participation in environmental issues is the need of the hour to achieve desired rate of growth and development.


Dr. Zareen Fatima

Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

Patna Womens college(Autonomous)

Patna University.