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Analysis for Secured Data Migration

Analysis for Secured Data Migration

Data Migration is one of the significant results that consumes major budget and labor and occurs very frequently. The combination of the frequency of resources consumed in a data migration results in data migration taking a significant amount of the IT budget. A storehouse structure gets increased and more complex, as a result data migrations are becoming more complex, risky and labor intensive. Therefore Organizations must begin handling this growing portion of their IT budgets more effectively.  Since Migrations are complex and depend on the project and its requirements, security is essential to ensure a safe migration to the cloud. Data Migration is the method of moving a large volume of data and applications into the target cloud where the target cloud can be a public, a private or hybrid cloud. Since large numbers of applications are required to fulfill an organization’s business needs and to improve its growth, various models of DaaS(Database as a service) are now provided keeping in view the data migration process. The data can be migrated in many ways such as from an organization to a target cloud or from one cloud to another cloud.  It is quite challenging task to migrate data as it involves various major security issues like data integrity, confidentiality, security, portability, data privacy, data accuracy etc.

Now a days Cloud Computing is a growing faster because cloud provides users with access to high computational power at a fraction of the cost and also migrating enterprise applications as well as data within the cloud or over the another cloud. But if the users decide to use the services of cloud, a number of threats arise and for that possible solutions need to be carried out in order to protect the data, services from those risks. Therefore from the security point of view Encryption techniques are used which ensure the security of data.

Although industry leaders and customers have wide-range of prospects for cloud computing, privacy and security concerns remain a major impediment to widespread adoption. The benefits of Cloud computing are when organizations or associations are considering moving their applications and services to Cloud, analyzing the advantages that it entails and the improvements that they can get. If the customers decide to incorporate their businesses or part of them to the Cloud, however they need to take into account a number of risks and threats that arise. The possible result  that can be carried out to cover  or protect their applications, services and data from those risks, and some of the best practices or recommendations which may be helpful when the customers want to integrate their applications in the Cloud.

Author Name- Ms. Sushmita Chakraborty

Department : Computer Applications (MCA)