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Challenges and prospects of use of ICT in Higher Education

We are living in an era of innovation and technology.  The lockdown during the Covid-19 period, made everyone realize the importance of the use of ICT tools specially in India where the use of technology was largely limited to the IITs, IIMs and other technical and management institutions. In fact  in Patna Women’s College, adapting [...]

Employment Oppportunities of Urban Youth in Bihar

Employment Oppportunities of Urban Youth in Bihar Bihar, one of the most populous states in India, is home to a large number of young people. With over 50% of its population under the age of 25, Bihar has a tremendous potential for economic growth. However, the state has struggled with high levels of unemployment, particularly [...]

E-Vehicles and new India

E-Vehicles and new India Modern life cannot function without transportation, the conventional combustion engine is gradually ageing. Vehicles powered by petrol or diesel are very polluting, and fully electric vehicles are quickly replacing them. Fully electric vehicles (EVs) are significantly better for the environment and produce no particulate emissions. Compared to a petrol or diesel [...]

Women and Environment: Gender perspective to Sustainable Development.

Women and Environment: Gender perspective to Sustainable Development. The Environmental concern has moved to the center of world consciousness albeit a little late. Human intrusion in nature’s process was there since the beginning but with the onset of Industrial Revolution , science and technology has given man the ability and capacity to intrude in an [...]

Construction of Normal Body

Construction of Normal Body Body is not just a physical thing rather there are series of attitude towards it. In today’s world of market economy and post-industralised society, body is a consumer designed model which is attributed as a normal body and people have to subscribe to these models to be a consumer of this [...]

Eighteenth Century as an era of clashes

Eighteenth Century as an era of clashes Eighteenth century can be read as a century of clashes that made most productive use of those conflicts as reflected in art and literature. On the one hand, it is known for its rationality in terms of enlightenment then on the other hand the age witnesses the most [...]


ENGLISH VINGLISH The experience of colonization and the challenges of a post-colonial world have produced an explosion of new writing in English. One of the ways in which Postcolonial writers assert their own identity and liberate themselves from imperial control is to “write back” to the centre. Works iconic to European culture like The Tempest, [...]

kalam e iqbal mein shaheen ka tasawwur

kalam e iqbal mein shaheen ka tasawwur کلامِ اقبال میں شاہین کا تصور ڈاکٹر عبدالباسط حمیدی صدر شعبہ اردو، پٹنہ ویمنس کالج پٹنہ موبائل۔8601086280 شاہین کو انگریزی میں FALCON کہا جاتا ہے۔ افریقہ اور یوریشیا میں عُقابوں کی ساٹھ سے زیادہ اقسام پائی جاتی ہیں۔ متحدہ امریکہ اور کینڈا میں محض اس کی دو قسمیں [...]

The Gendered Repercussions of Climate Change

The Gendered Repercussions of Climate Change Climate Change  makes the living and surviving conditions poor especially for women as the  increase in extreme weather conditions—droughts, storms, and floods—are already altering economies, economic development, and patterns of human migration, and are likely to be among the biggest global health threats this century. Everyone will be affected [...]


HOW TO PRESERVE SECULARISM IN INDIA? The concept of Secularism was born in England on Separation of Church from the State, and the significance of secular ideals was assimilated by human civilization. In the present global context of secularism and democracy, there is growing consciousness to support and nurture this type of society. In the [...]