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IRIS Vol. X(2020)
SI.No Discription Pages Linking
1. Study of effect of Valproic Acid on Regeneration cisenia fetida

Tanvi Singh, Sneh Mani, Anupriya Bhakta and ShahlaYasmin

1-4 Abstract
2. Isolation and Identification of Microorganisms on Indian Currency Notes

Hema, Sushma Swaraj, Harsha Bideshi and Shobha Shrivastava

5-10 Abstract
3. Anti-bacterial activities of Cinnamon and Carom seeds extract on Enterococcus

faecalis and Shigella species Ishani, Shashi Suman, Sabrah Rahman, Sister M. Stuti A.C. and Sumeet Ranjan

11-19 Abstract
4. Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria Obtained from Hospital Equipments: A Potential Source of Nosocomial Infection

Chaman Sonika, Sana Subhani, Shambhavi Jha and Anupma Kumari

20-24 Abstract
5. Determination ofToxic Heavy Metals in Commercially available brands of Baby Talcum Powder
Vidya Rashmi, Madhu, Nikita Priya and Sapna Kumari
25-29 Abstract
6. Biodegradation of Plastics using Bacillus subtilis

Amrita Ranjan, Manvi Singh, Aditi Raj and Rajeev Ranjan

30-34 Abstract
7. Study of effect of different physical parameters on seeds of Trigonella foenum and Spinacea oleracea

Ankita Singh, Aishwarya, Nikita Kumari and Pinky Prasad

35-42 Abstract
8. Comparative assessment of iron content in different food items

Sapna Singh, Saman Fatima, Farheen Atahari and Pinky Prasad

43-47 Abstract
9. Comparative study of physiological effect of selected fruit peels as natural fertilizer on Spinacia oleracea

Alka Kumari, Shivani Kumari, Dipika Bharti and Urvashi Sinha

48-52 Abstract
10. Biodiesel production from oil extracted from seeds of Thevetia sps. and Waste Frying Oil

Kajal, Kumari Varsha, Priyanka Keshri and Isha Gaurav

53-56 Abstract
11. Occurrence of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli in Indian Currency and Effect of Sanitizers and Hand wash on it

Raksha Mallik, Indu, Sakshi and Jaya Philip

57-64 Abstract
12. Isolation and antimicrobial resistant pattern of Campylobacterspecies isolated from food

samples Alisha Indira Xess, Midhat Mohsin, Priya Priyadarshini and Jaya Philip

65-71 Abstract
13. Isolation and characterization of Arsenic-resistant bacteria from different water sources of Patna region and possible application in bioremediation

Tanisha Kumari, Sonal, Akanksha Kumari and Niti Yashvardhini

72-78 Abstract
14. Isolation and Characterization of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria from Rice field

Riya Shreya, Sonali Kumari, Ruciaiya Maryam and Preeti Swarupa

79-86 Abstract
15. Isolation of Amylase and Cellulase Producing Bacteria from Soil Sample of Dumpsite Area

Arti Singh, Kanchan Kumari, Saloni Kumari and Shilpi Kiran

87-91 Abstract
16. A Fuzzy Model to Evaluate the Effect of Air Pollutants on Respiratory Diseases

Jaya Kamari, Anjali Raj, Puja Kumari and Seema Mishra

92-97 Abstract
17. Application of linear programming model in a bag manufacturing industry with a particular reference to the Agawa leather store, Patna

Anisa Akhtar, Ankita Kumari, Srishti and Moon

98-100 Abstract
18. Time-Series Analysis of Fluctuations in Petroleum’s Price of Last Fifteen Years in Patna

Supriya Rani, Khusboo Singh, Srishti Srivastava and Moon

101-105 Abstract
19. Structural and Electrical Properties of Intrinsic Semiconductors

Puja Kumari, Kajal Kumari, Alka Kumari and Rohit Singh

106-112 Abstract